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CS-Cart Multivendor

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CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Mobile App Builder

The MOBIKUL CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Mobile App Builder will convert your Multi-Vendor Store into a Native Mobile Application so that your customers can easily visit your Store on the go. They don’t need any laptop or desktop to visit your Store, they can use all the features of your Multi-Vendor Store from their Mobile Application. Not only your customers but your sellers can also use various features by using this Mobile Application.

The Mobikul Multi-Vendor Mobile App Builder for CS-Cart will provide the better user experience to your customers. The best Mobile App for your CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Store must have all the essential features and functionalities and the MOBIKUL does this work for you. Mobikul Multi-Vendor Mobile App has lots of features and functionalities to engage the customers over the mobile platform. It has splendid features for your seller so that they can also get lots of benefits from the Mobikul Multi-Vendor. Also, you will get both the mobile applications (Android & iOS) with Mobikul Multi-Vendor Mobile App Builder. You can take an overview of both the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Mobile Apps (Android & iOS) by clicking on the play button of the mobile videos.





The mobile application is contributing a tremendous role to creating a competitive advantage for your eCommerce Store and you need to have a best mobile application which is fully compatible with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Store. The Mobikul Multi-Vendor Mobile App Builder is fully compatible with the CS-CART MULTI-VENDOR STORE.

The Mobikul supports Multi-Vendor add-ons so that you will have the best mobile app in all aspects of technology and eCommerce business fields. If you want to customize the as per your business needs then we also do provide customization service (paid service). The Mobikul Multi-Vendor Mobile App is fully customizable as the code is open. By using the source, you can also customize the app according to your business needs.

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