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E-Commerce Progressive Web Applications (Future of App Development)

Support Progressive Web Apps: They’re Quick, Reliable, and Engaging.

Why does your company need a Progressive Web App?

The best of the web and the greatest of applications will be combined in an eCommerce PWA app.

Feels like an app, functions as a website, is faster even on dull networks, and is lighter.

Progressive Web Apps are the way of the future for mobile users.

Top frameworks and tools to build Progressive Web Apps

These are the frameworks and tools that Mobikul use in Progressive Web App development.

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What PWA development includes?

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Web Push Notification

  • Push notifications allow your app to interact with users outside of the browser and are a very effective way to do so.
  • The PWA app’s main benefit is that it can work with limited or no internet access.
  • This is of great advantage when the consumer is a consistent traveler.

Offline Mode (No Internet Connection)

Offline Mode features in an e-commerce PWA app can also help increase the customer’s engagement on the mobile web.

The customer needs to struggle with the websites or browser to operate various functionalities on the store. It just feels and looks like a Native app.

Every feature is now only a tap away. As a result, keep the customer more engaging.

Headless PWA

The term “headless” refers to a technique in which the frontend and backend of an eCommerce website are separated.

It means that your user interface and user experience platform (UI & UX) is separate from your content management system.

The front end of the headless progressive web application (PWA), also known as a Headless PWA, is built using a variety of technologies such as ReactJS, VueJS, and AngularJS.

  • Customer experience that is user-friendly.
  • Fast Speed.
  • When the app is pre-loaded and the network is available, it can be used in Offline Mode.

Exploration of Progressive Web App

A headless progressive web application (PWA) is a web application that makes use of the latest web capabilities to provide users with a native app-like experience.

What are the advantages of PWA?

The fundamental advantage of eCommerce progressive web apps (PWAs) is that they are general, unlike native apps, and hence compatible with all sorts of operating systems. 

This means that an eCommerce PWA can be used on numerous devices, whereas mobile apps must be produced separately for each app store, such as Android, iOS, and so on.


Speed and Consistency

They respond smoothly to site inputs, and animations load quickly with little lag in scrolling. This ensures that your clients have the best possible on-site experience with your eCommerce Progressive Web App and that they don’t leave your website.

Appearance and Feel of Native App

PWAs have the appearance and feel of a native mobile app. Like a “regular” mobile app, a user can add a clickable image to their home screen.

Installing on the Home Screen

Progressive Web Apps have the same features as native apps and give a more engaging user experience. Users can install Progressive Web Apps on their home screens, making them instantly accessible.


PWAs are designed to work on any device. A Progressive Web App can be used on a variety of platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

App User location

The apps allow the user to auto-detected the current location, or manually add the location. Thus, allowing the efficiency of the delivery procedure.


Progressive Web Apps(PWA) for Business

We can’t say that Progressive Web Apps will completely replace Native Apps in the future. However, there is a growing interest in the community for this technique.

However, they have the potential to change the way the Internet functions.


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