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Online Crowdfunding App Development

Maximize your online fundraiser business to a spectacular Crowdfunding mobile app.

What exactly is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is just like a form of raising funds that helps micro-SME businesses or projects financially. It’s a great way to generate money for an individual or organization from friends, family, strangers, investors, friends of friends, and more who will support the business.


Key Benefits

Explore the following key benefits that help to decide why you should produce a crowdfunding app development campaign?

Factors to consider a Crowdfunding App

Due to the fundamental increase of mobile uses, everyone prefers the mobile app to make either payment, shopping, social browsing, or pledge funding.

Therefore, if you want to cater to your unique audience, you need to adopt a mobile app for your crowdfunding online store.

Key Market Trends –
  • Crowdfunding is expected to raise global amounts in the ’30s of USD billion last year.
  • The number of crowdfunding campaigns estimated at 6,445,080 was hosted globally in 2019.
  • Record says that businesses have been raising £1,700 per hour1 via crowdfunding.
  • With a recent Covid-19, the crowdsourcing app market is expected to triple by 2025.

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Crowdfunding Mobile App Feature Listing

Don’t have an Android/IOS mobile app? Are you facing loss in your business? Have a look crowdfunding app will consist of the following features –

• Quick Push notification for potential investors
• Social Login to best reach your Audience
• Simple and Easy Sign Up
• Secure Payment Gateway Integration
• Social network sharing & Referral system
• Access powerful interactive dashboard

End-user application for Crowdfunding

Drafting out a variety of industries that utilizes crowdfunding to generate revenue and interest from a larger group of people.

• Art and Culture project
• Charities/Nonprofits campaign
• Healthcare expenses
• Real estate funding
• Community-oriented projects
• Space center for museums


Several types of crowdfunding for App Development

Create the World’s Next Advanced Crowdfunding App Through Mobikul

Our highly skilled experts understand client requirements and business models to execute their business needs. We create a customized app on client demand and make it fit as they want. 

We have a team of technical business specialists, certified developers, and quality analysts who ensure end-to-end delivery hassle-free with no delay. We always deliver the best quality of code, cost-effective solutions, strong support, and serve the community as well.

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