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ERP App Development

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The simplest way to define ERP is to include all of the major business processes: finance, manufacturing, human resources, supply chain, services, procurement, and so on. ERP unifies various procedures into a single system at its most basic level.

What is ERP?

Custom ERP software development is a process that involves the creation and customization of an ERP system, often known as an ERP suite, which is a collection of enterprise resource planning software that communicates with one another and shares a database. This type of software aids in the management of your complete organisation, including financial, production, supply chain, services, procurement, and other activities.

What are the features of an ERP system?

Based on the market they serve and the modules they offer, any modern custom ERP software development system would have a broad list of software capabilities. All business resource management systems, on the other hand, should have the following characteristics:

  • Data is consistent and customised for permitted users in a “single version of the truth.”
  • Self-service reporting and up-to-date information and notifications across all operations
  • Dashboards, KPIs, and analytics provide a visual representation of the data to aid in speedy and informed decision-making.
  • Deployment options include cloud, on-premises, and hybrid.
  • Standard and advanced business procedures, such as AI and machine learning automation.

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How does ERP software development help the business?

ERP software development solutions allow companies to gain a better understanding and visibility of their supply chain operations. They may use this data to make vital business decisions and keep a competitive edge in their market, regardless of how big or tiny the competition is.

An ERP system, including custom ERP software development, provides visibility into operations, allowing problems to be discovered more quickly and staff to make better-educated decisions. Due to real-time connectivity between banking, distribution, and manufacturing technologies, financial data is always up to date. By eliminating redundancy and manual entry, ERP systems, including Custom ERP Software Development, may help firms become more time-efficient and productive.

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ERP Mobikul App

Machine learning, digital assistants, advanced analytics, and ERP application development services are all built-in.

Continual updates and innovation are offered via the cloud.

A platform that is adaptable, scalable, and requires no maintenance.

On any device, quick deployment and ease of usage.


Key Features

Based on the market they serve and the modules they offer, any modern ERP system would have a broad list of software capabilities.

Mobikul ERP app with ERP system

ERP integrates activities and divisions into a single system that simplifies sales, quality, and a range of other procedures. By appropriately preserving information and making it accessible in a uniform manner, ERP aids in the automation of business processes.

Implementing a new ERP is a simple task because businesses only need to choose a system that has a few functions and is scalable.

If you already have a large eCommerce customer, sales, and product base, adapting ERP is a difficult undertaking. You can use many platforms to combat issues such as repetitive management. Model management as a separate entity at several ends will be extremely difficult.

The various platforms must be integrated so that data can flow freely from one to the other. When different systems are integrated, everything is synchronised and updated in real-time, making businesses and models more agile, robust, and manageable.

What a Mobikul ERP App Solution can provide?

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Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Streamline and automate your essential business processes, including custom ERP software development, to enable everyone in your company to get more done with less.
Deeper Insights

Deeper Insights

Get fast answers to mission-critical business problems by eliminating information silos and establishing a
single source of truth.
Accelerated Reporting

Accelerated Reporting

Business and financial reporting can be completed more quickly, and the results can be shared more readily. Act on data in real-time to boost performance.
Lower risk

Lower risk

Increase business visibility and control, assure regulatory compliance and
predict and mitigate risk.
Simpler IT

Simpler IT

You may simplify IT and make working easier for everyone by employing integrated ERP systems that share
a database.
Improved Agility

Improved Agility

You can swiftly recognise and react to new opportunities if your operations are efficient and you have access to
real-time data.

We have – What All you Need?

ERPs are complex systems with general capabilities and a solid design. “Each business has its own hype, and each business needs its own set of features
and functions to stand out.”

In general, each increased functionality or feature upgrade necessitates a thorough understanding of the particular platform, making the introduction of new functionalities difficult.

Mobikul has developed ERP Platform Extensions and Connectors that are ready to use. Our plugins and apps allow you to concentrate on both scalability and features.

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App Integration

In general, combining all construction features into a single application is impossible or time-consuming. Mobikul makes it simple to integrate third-party services into mobile apps, such as payment gateways, delivery methods, chat systems, reporting systems, and more.

Widget Development

Widgets are small app views in a mobile application. Graphical Control Elements is another name for mobile app widgets. It’s essentially the shortcut icons or controls that appear on any application’s home screen. Even after the application has been minimising, it continues to work.

App Migration Services

Businesses must stay ahead of the competition in today’s market by aligning their innovations, IT infrastructure, and costing rules. Business apps should be able to handle the essential difficulties as technology improves. The company will need to look for apps that are scalable, adaptable, and powerful, as well as meet industry standards and criteria.

Upgrading your present application to a more powerful platform boosts productivity and simplifies business management. One can create highly extensive and attractive applications by combining the newest technology offerings with in-depth adaptations

UI/UX Design

Customers nowadays primarily use mobile phones. The ability of mobile phones to provide an excellent User Experience is well established (UX). With their advancement, mobile-related technologies are becoming increasingly widespread
around the world.

Android QA Services

Android application testing aids in the development of applications that are adaptive and accessible across many platforms.


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