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Readymade E-Commerce Mobile App

Webkul has 11 years of experience in delivering e-commerce CMS-based mobile applications for Android and IOS platforms. It offers readymade e-commerce mobile app solutions to the customers with readymade android and ios applications.

CMS Based E-Commerce Website with Mobile App

Role of Mobile Apps In Globalization
Globalization in the current era has evacuated the existence of national boundaries. Mobile apps have played a major role in the flow of globalization.

Mobile App Builder Solution For E-Commerce
With the help of the Mobikul App builder solution, the e-Commerce store owner will effectively convert the website into a highly accessible solution that is mobile apps using an e-commerce app builder.

App Solutions For Android And IOS Devices
The store owner can have app solutions for both Android and iOS devices. The mobile app will remain Synchronized in real-time with the website. So, as to provide the reflection of modification on both website and app-end.

Cost-Effective Solutions For E-Commerce Store
These apps don’t require only One-Time Payment (no recurring, monthly, or yearly payment). Thus, allowing the store owner with cost-effective solutions.

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Functional Automation

The app is CMS based which will make them automated as any changes required can be done just by amendment of the configuration.

Synchronization of Website and App

The website and app completely sync, which means any action on one can be reflected on the other.

Efficient with mobile features

The apps use features of your mobile device like GPS, camera, and others, making it more efficient.

Benefits of Having CMS Based
E-Commerce Apps

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Easily Develop and Launch

The easiest way to create a readymade android and ios mobile app for an online store and launch on the play store and AppStore. We provide interactive e-commerce mobile applications for your store with easy development and launch facility.

Omni Channel

E-commerce mobile applications with omnichannel features ensure a seamless experience for the customers in every channel whether it is apps, websites, mobile websites, emails, brick-and-mortar stores, social media channels, etc. It completes a multichannel strategy and optimizes it for today’s online customers.

Real-Time Synchronization

One of the major benefits of having a CMS-based e-commerce mobile app is real-time synchronization. Real-time synchronization means whenever there is an update on the store occurs it will reflect in Apps (No need to update on both ends) too.

Use Mobile Features

This is a helpful tool to use the inbuilt feature of mobile for your Apps like camera, contact, location, upload, etc. This provides utilization of all device-based functionalities to the fullest extent possible.


Customizable Features & Functionalities

Webkul offers a varied number of customizable features and functionalities and these features and functionalities are available in our mobile application accordingly.

Spotlights of Our E-Commerce Mobile Applications

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Product Search Via Image

Users can upload an image by their smartphone(Android & IOS) of the stuff they are looking for and find visually similar products as a result. A relevant set of search results would be fetched and displayed to the customers.

Augmented Reality Support

It enables the customers to see your products in a more magnificent and appealing light. This feature allows customers to purchase products based on 3D View. 3D view allows the customers to view even minute details of a product. Customers can see the product in as much detail they want.

POS Native Mobile App

The POS Native Application allows the merchants or sales agent to easily create the orders by using the application on his tablet device. Also, it works in offline mode. This application provides a user-friendly experience to your sales agents with real-time synchronization, barcode scanning, easy product search, checkout process, etc.

Headless PWA

Headless Progressive Web Applications (PWA) provide a fast, reliable, and engaging mobile application experience to the users. The loading time of the PWA application is very less. Hence it provides fast browsing which helps in reducing the bounce rate.

API Based Mobile Applications

API-based mobile applications are developed to reduce the development process time of an application that directly affects the cost of development Integrating APIs in mobile app development is the best way to cut down costs and substantially reduce the development time.

Push Notifications

The most attractive and popular feature of any mobile is the connection between the customer and the store owner. This establishes a connection to the subscriber and the subscriber receives the notifications whenever they are online regarding the discount, offers, sales, daily deals, or any other details.

Multi-Language Support

Our mobile applications are developed as it supports multiple languages this is done to make the app features understandable by the application users. It helps in better customer interaction and effective conversion rate from countries following the language format.

Multi-Currency Support

This property allows mobile applications with multiple currency support. The multi-currency feature will bring customers from multiple cities and it will grow your customer base. Hence it is one of the finest features of any business.

Search Result Optimization

Its app builder supports multiple search methods that enhance the search result quick, better, and optimized for the user as searching is important for any mobile application.

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Planning to bring your thoughts to mobile


When I think in getting solutions for my Ecommerce Platform, I think of Webkul. They have been such a blessing in our business. We have spent thousands of dollars in support and modules from them. We love their support team. They work very closely with us, and they always go the extra mile when we need help.

Michael Urresta

Michael Urresta

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