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PetsEgypt – Shopping for Pet Supplies Made Easier with Online Pet Shop Mobile App


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PetsEgypt is an online shop for customers who have pets, especially cats and dogs, they have everything available for customer’s pets from food to accessories.

This is a one-stop shop for pet owners and also has a pet shop mobile app that Mobikul enhanced to stay ahead of the competition.

PetsEgypt strives to be the go-to destination for pet owners, offering a wide range of products at affordable prices.


Pets Food Market in Egypt

According to Statista, the Pet Food market is experiencing significant growth and is projected to generate revenue of US$120.00m in 2023.

This market is expected to grow annually by 7.99% (CAGR 2023-2028).

The United States stands out as the largest contributor to this market, with an estimated revenue of US$57,380m in 2023.

In terms of per-person revenue, it is projected that the Pet Food market will generate US$1.11 per person in 2023.

This suggests a considerable market penetration and demand for pet food products.

Considering the average volume per person in the Pet Food market, it is estimated to amount to 0.6kg in 2023.

This gives an insight into the consumption patterns and preferences of individuals when it comes to their pets’ nutrition.

The figures presented here highlight the potential for growth and profitability in the Pet Food market.

How did PetsEgypt develop its online presence?

PetsEgypt wanted to build an online shopping shop to stay ahead of its competitors. so, they chose the Odoo platform for its app and website.

Furthermore, they needed an online shopping app solution to enhance their online shopping experience.

Mobikul integrated the Odoo Mobile App Builder into its operations to provide an exceptional shopping experience.

Our development team transformed the PetsEgypt online store into a user-friendly mobile application, allowing customers to shop for their beloved pets on the go conveniently.

Odoo Mobile App Builder

In today’s digital age, businesses need to adapt and provide their customers with easy access to their products and services.

To meet this demand, Odoo Mobile App Developers offers a comprehensive solution that allows you to convert your Odoo store into a powerful mobile application.

This builder empowers businesses to enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and stay ahead in the competitive market.

The Odoo Mobile App Builder is a powerful organization that helps businesses build many mobile apps for Odoo.

With its seamless user experience, personalized features, simplified checkout process, and real-time updates, this builder empowers businesses to strengthen their customer relationships and drive profitability.

Embrace the power of mobile technology and stay ahead in the competitive market by integrating the Odoo Mobile App Builder into your business operations.

Key Features

Following are some key features that helped PetsEgypt to enhance their e-commerce mobile app.

Engaging Customer Experience

With the Odoo Mobikul Mobile App, PetsEgypt provides a more interactive homepage, ensuring that our customers feel engaged right from the start.




Additionally, push notifications enable them to share instant updates, special offers, and important information, ultimately making PetsEgypt app smarter and more customer-oriented.

Catagories and sub-catagories

PetsEgypt has many categories and sub-categories for your pets whether it is food or accessories.




Which makes it easier for the pet owner to find and choose their product from this pet shop mobile app.

Simplified Checkout Process

PetsEgypt wants its customers to have a hassle-free checkout experience, and Odoo Mobile App Builder delivers exactly that.




The app allows users to complete the checkout process with minimal steps, leveraging pre-filled information like address details to save time and effort.

Mobikul also integrated the Migs payment gateway and added a cash-on-delivery feature.

Wishlist Synchronization

PetsEgypt understands that sometimes customers aren’t ready to make a purchase right away.

With the product wishlist feature, users can save items for later, enabling them to come back and complete their purchase when they’re ready.





Additionally, the PetsEgypt app has bi-directional wishlist synchronization.


By integrating the Odoo Mobile App Builder, PetsEgypt has significantly improved the pet shopping experience for our customers.

The app’s user-friendly interface, features, and easy navigation have made it more convenient than ever to shop for pet supplies.

From engaging customer interaction to simplified checkout processes and convenient cart synchronization, this integration has enhanced our business operations and solidified PetsEgypt as Egypt’s leading online store for pet owners.

Remember, at PetsEgypt, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best deals on pet food and accessories. Shop with us and experience the difference today

Thank you for reading this case study, if you wish to develop a similar pet shop mobile app contact Mobikul.

Also, you may view and install PetsEgypt on your smartphones or tablets to see it in action.


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