Warehouse Management System (WMS) Mobile App for WooCommerce

A system that makes the warehouse management task possible and effective. With quick verification, warehouse creation, and much more.

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Main Features

  • feature-18128 Warehouse Management Via Flutter App
  • feature-18592 Structuring Warehouse Architecture
  • feature-18590 Warehouse Manager Registration
  • feature-18587 Bulk Product Assignment to Warehouse
  • Warehouse Management Via Flutter App

    The warehouse manager can manage the complete order of a warehouse with an app. This flutter app is on both Android and iOS devices. Thus, giving ease to fetch the product and verify it before dispatch.

    This app makes the order dispatch process more efficient and less error-prone. Hence, providing the store owner with a streamline delivery process.

    Warehouse Management Via Flutter App

    Structuring Warehouse Architecture

    Post warehouse creation the store owner can define the rows, columns, shelves, and rack per shelf. This helps are a lot in finding the products in the warehouse and saves the time of warehouse agents.

    The structure of the warehouse, later on, can tell the managers the section which is empty, semi-occupied, or fully occupied. This makes inventory management easier and deciding the location of various products.

    Structuring Warehouse Architecture

    Warehouse Manager Registration

    The warehouse manager details can be saved in the system to assign them to the warehouse. These details help in login authentication in the WMS app. This makes the WMS a much effective solution for the Warehouses. Helps a lot in the management of the inventory with any unnecessary delays.

    These details can also be edit or deleted with time as per requirement. So, the store must have an up to date data of the warehouse managers.

    Warehouse Manager Registration

    Bulk Product Assignment to Warehouse

    The store owner can upload the stock of products in the warehouse using the CSV. This must have the location-based details of the product. Thus, making the product warehouse allocation faster and easier. This time-saving solution makes warehouse management work efficient and hassle-free.

    Bulk Product Assignment to Warehouse

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