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Backoffice mobile app manages all backend/admin end activity at your fingertips on your mobile phone.

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Magento 2 Backoffice Mobile App

Magneto 2 Backoffice Mobile App helps the admin to manage his important store-related data.

Moreover, The admin will manage orders, invoices, shipments, reviews, cart price rule, catalog price rule, comments, etc.

The back-office mobile app tends to the smart work concept which makes the store updated, modified, and easy to handle.

Main Features


View order/invoice/shipments

icon-Machine learning integration

Order Filteration


Invoice Filteration


Comments management


Review page


Dashboard management

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View order/invoice/shipments

The admin can check all the orders, invoices, and shipments on his mobile phone.

  • Backend/admin panel option easily accessed by the app.
  • The admin can check the orders, invoice and shipments in separate tabs.
  • Order, invoice info can be shared on customer’s email id.

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Order management

If a store has a facility to manage the orders on their phone it will ease the order kiosk.

  • The admin can check the order by the date, total, bill name, ship name, etc.
  • Pending, Processing, On Hold, Canceled, Completed all orders be searched.
  • The order detail pdf can be emailed to a different email address by the admin.

Moreover, proper order management leads to good sales which enhances the productivity of the store and provides ease of order management.

Invoice management

Invoice management is the most important process of any store or business because it provide a proper track of the store.

  • If a store has the advantage to check, manage and view the invoices on their phone.
  • A list of the last 24 hours’ invoices is presented by default.
  • Each product has its invoiced quantity, price, tax, and row total shown.

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Comments Management

The admin and user both can add comments on the order details page.

When a user buys a product they first check the comment section of the product and it gives the clarity to buy the product or not.

Moreover, users can add comments on their purchases and the admin can view or add the reply over it.

Review page

When a user is satisfied with the services provided by the store or any business and they provide a review of the experience.

This helps other users to find the relevant product in the store because users can post the review and the admin can view it.

Therefore, A good review reflects a good experience of a user towards a particular product or order. Which directly tends to the good sales.

Dashboard Management

Dashboard management is the basic need of any app or store. With the help of the Backoffice mobile app, the admin can do the basic settings of the store.

Afterward, Name, email, passwords, message notifications, etc can be added, edited by the phone dashboard.


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Michael Urresta

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