Magento 2 B2B Vendor Mobile App

The app that transforms the B2B Marketplace site into B2B Mobile App for the suppliers and buyers.

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Main Features

  • feature-18235 B2B Quote Management Tool
  • feature-18245 Easy Negotiation
  • feature-18241 Product Management Tool
  • feature-18233 Instant Request For Quote(RFQ)
  • B2B Quote Management Tool

    The app allows for easy quote management without any trouble. The customer raised quote can be in any state which might vary from Pending, Approved, and Rejected. All of this can be monitored using an app. 

    The raised quotes are visible in a section by the customer. Thus making the application a much more effective tool for the B2B marketplace setup.

    B2B Quote Management Tool

    Easy Negotiation

    The B2b application establishes an efficient communication medium between the suppliers and the customer. They can strike a deal that is agreeable to both parties. This avoids any confusion in the customer desired product.

    This feature can make the application an effective tool for the B2B marketplace establishment. Henceforth providing a great network of buyers and suppliers.

    Easy Negotiation

    Product Management Tool

    The suppliers can now easily add the product using this B2B application. This time-saving solution can allow the suppliers to manage the products easily. 

    Thus, helping the attraction of multiple suppliers in the B2B store. Thus, indirectly increasing the market value of the marketplace.

    Product Management Tool

    Instant Request For Quote(RFQ)

    With this feature, the buyer can share the requirement with the marketplace suppliers. The customer can share the quote for both the products available on the marketplace or not available. Allows the purchase of the customized product under the Quote Leads section.

    The customer can now get any product at a customized rate in the desired quantity. The app allows them to attach a sample and detailed description of the product that gives the supplier a clear idea of the choice.


    Instant Request For Quote(RFQ)

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