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Introducting CMS Based &

Standalone POS App

On demand of our customer, who have huge issue in managing the online and retail store. They needed an omni channel solution and we developed CMS based POS system and further developed a standalone application.

Highlight features of POS


Reasons, why we need a POS?

Some poweful features of POS which makes shop as power of Superheroes.

Barcode And SKU Product Addition

The POS gives its user the power to add product through Barcode and SKU. This enables the fast and easy addition of products. The Product click can prove to be a bit tedious task when we the store is having many products.

Inventory & Sales Management

The inventory and Sales management is one of major task in a POS system. Inventory is said to the stock of goods present. These stock of goods needs to be managed with every purchase. That is every purchase must be recorded to the system.

Offline Mode

POS System provides the most valuable and unique feature so that your sales agent, cashier etc. can work on POS system in offline mode also. They can use all the functions and features of the POS in the offline mode.

Customer Management

Being a store owner it's important to save the details of the valuable customer. We can manage customer data with the help of the app in our hand.This could help a lot in building the customer relationship. This could be the best way to increase the sales of the store.

Easy Pay Checkout

The most time-saving feature will provide your customer with a hassle-free shopping experience at the point of sale system. The POS user (cashier) can easily manage the long customers' queue so that the customers will not have to wait for a long time.

No Specific
Device Needed

Wherever we talk about a POS management system, then the need for specific devices comes into the picture.
However, this is not the case with the Mobikul POS Apps. We don’t need a specially designed hardware device. It can work on the device which you can own easily like the Smartphone and Tabs.

Responsive Design
Responsive Design


The store owner having Physical (or retail) store can use the system to manage the working of the store. It can be used in any sort of industry right from grocery shop to pharmacy, restaurants.


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Standalone App

Create your Online Store if you don't have any CMS based website.
Its gem for your store!

App Development means Mobikul

Mobikul App Builder available for different eCommerce Frameworks and creates fully Customizable Native Apps for both Android & iOS as per as the user specific needs.

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