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The hyperlocal system is the next level to the e-commerce industry. It enables to target the customer of the nearby area and generate a massive revenue from them. Small startups like Grofers, Peppertap, and Jugnoo are influencing big players of the e-commerce industry like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and Paytm to plunge in the domain.

What is a Hyperlocal System?

Hyperlocal is a system is the one that connects the customer with the customers with local stores and also transforming the shopping experience of the customers.

The customer can easily locate the seller and their product to order products from them.


Mobikul Hyperlocal App

The hyperlocal app works to provide the functionality of the hyperlocal system. Now the customer can order product from nearby seller with the help of the app in their devices.

The app takes in advantage of device based features to provide an efficient app.This makes the buying and seller process more swift and advanced.

Mobikul Features

Few effective Mobikul Features to make your Hyperlocal app efficient.

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Install & Launch

Just in 4 steps Create & Publish an App for eCommerce Store

1. Create API key
2. Configure App with API Credentials
3. Customize Appand Export APK/IPA
4. Publish App to Google Play or App Store


We design our products based on Google Material Design principal and HIG human interface guidelines from Apple.

Hyperlocal Mobile App Builder

Mobikul App Builder for different eCommerce Frameworks and creates fully Customizable Native App for both Android & iOS as per user specific needs.

App Development means Mobikul

Mobikul App Builder available for different eCommerce Frameworks and creates fully Customizable Native Apps for both Android & iOS as per as the user specific needs.

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