Marketplace Delivery Boy App for Magento 2

An app that streamlines and optimizes the order delivery process.With a wide range of features like notifications, quick assignment, delivery boy registration, and many more.

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Main Features

feature-18249 Merchant Delivery Staff Management
feature-18262 Delivery Boy Chat System
feature-18252 Dashboard To Monitor Data
feature-18256 Express Delivery System
feature-4157 Unlimited Push Notifications

Merchant Delivery Staff Management

The app provides an advantage to the marketplace vendors to manage the details of the Delivery Boys. The seller can add details like- the Name, email, Vehicle details, Password, and Address. Thus, allowing the registration of the delivery-boys working with the vendor.

This allows the vendors to provide the best delivery service to the customer. As now they can quickly assign deliveries to the registered delivery boys.

Merchant Delivery Staff Management

Delivery Boy Chat System

It builds the communication link with delivery boys, this makes the delivery process efficient. The vendors can share the details relevant to the delivery process.

The delivery boy can even raise queries regarding the delivery using the app. The store owner can even chat with the customer to know the details of the delivery process.

Delivery Boy Chat System

Dashboard To Monitor Data

The application user post-login can view an informative dashboard that records of sales and orders. This allows the sellers, admin, and delivery boy to know the respective statistics. The delivery boy can also check the Pending, Processing, and the Complete Orders for the day.

The sales logs are also visible as per Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly store. Thus, making the app a highly effective solution.

Dashboard To Monitor Data

Express Delivery System

The store owner can set the Express delivery shipping method. The shipping method allows the customer to take advantage of a delivery system which makes the delivery boy app usage possible.

The store owner can add in restrictions for the shipping method as per the country. Additionally, the pricing and handling fee can be added to the shipping method to make it valid.


Express Delivery System

Unlimited Push Notifications

Push notifications are a feature that has aroused mobile applications to a great extent. Here, in this app,

The admin or seller will receive notifications about the status of their delivery boy orders.

The admin/seller and delivery boy will also receive the chat notification.

Moreover, notifications are the best way to keep the admin, seller, and delivery boy updated throughout the order delivery process. Push notifications are very beneficial for the delivery boy and seller, as well as for the admin.

The delivery boy and seller can benefit from getting an informative notification about the status of orders, that is, whether the order is picked up by the delivery person and delivered to the customer.

The delivery boy will also get the notification of new order assignments.

Also, the Seller/Admin will get the notification of their order acceptance and rejection from their respective delivery boys.

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Unlimited Push Notifications

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