Warehouse Management System (WMS) Mobile App for Magento 2

A package to manage the inventory in the warehouse to manage the customer orders.

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Main Features

  • feature-18128 Warehouse Management Via Flutter App
  • feature-18224 Warehouse WorkForce Information System
  • feature-18204 Mass Inventory Import
  • feature-18199 Warehouse Structuring To Allocate Product
  • feature-18195 Inventory Synchronization in Real-time
  • Warehouse Management Via Flutter App

    The warehouse managers are given an app which makes there work more effecient. It allows them to verify the ordered product.

    Additionally, the staff memebers can easy find the location of the product using the app.They just need to add the product to the tote and before packaging can verify if all the products ordered are present them before packaging.

    Warehouse Management Via Flutter App

    Warehouse WorkForce Information System

    The store owner can save the details of the staff who are managing the warehouse. It registers them in the WMS and gives an authenticate login details. The admin can save the details of more than one warehouse manager and assign them a warehouse.

    This makes the WMS a much effective solution for the Warehouses. Helps a lot in the management of the inventory with any unnecessary delays.

    Warehouse WorkForce Information System

    Mass Inventory Import

    The store owner can define the location of the product in the warehouse. This can be done by collectively adding the product using a CSV file. This CSV file contains the data of the product as per the ids.

    Thus, the store owner can save time by faster addition of the complete stock location. It is accompanied with a combination of locations in the warehouse.


    Mass Inventory Import

    Warehouse Structuring To Allocate Product

    The structure of the warehouse can be defined on the parameters like- rows, columns, shelves, and rack per shelf. It saves the difficulty of finding the products in a big warehouse. 

    This provides and automation in the process of warehouse management. It even saves the time of the warehouse manager by providing a faster solution.

    Warehouse Structuring To Allocate Product

    Inventory Synchronization in Real-time

    The stock of goods is assigned to each warehouse which gets updated with every purchase. The system saves in the location of the product which allows easy fetching of products in inventory.

    Thus, making the warehouse manager to effectively handle the stock. It even saves the mismatch of the inventory in the warehouse.

    Inventory Synchronization in Real-time

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