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Using Opencart POS Flutter App now the store owner can easily create an order from his physical store using the POS app from his mobile.

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Main Features

feature-16792 Add New Customer
feature-4214 Offline Mode
feature-16780 Product Quantity
feature-16788 Low Stock Product
feature-16783 On-Hold Orders
feature-16786 Discount And Coupons
feature-13007 Barcode Product Search


Add New Customer

The POS Agent or cashier is able to add the new customer:

  • Regular customer's details are saved to the system.
  • The new customer details are added by the cashier.
  • New customers will be added at the time of checkout.
  • Details like name, email, telephone, and address are required.
Add New Customer

Offline Mode

Proceed with the checkout even if the internet connectivity is critical.

  • Separate section for offline orders.
  • Make payments offline with bad or no internet.
  • Synchronize the offline order to online orders and data.
  • Print receipt directly from offline order details.
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Offline Mode

Product Quantity

Customize the product count in the cart.

  • The POS user can directly enter the quantity of the product.
  • Any desired quantity can be entered.
  • The system views a number pad that is easy to use.
Product Quantity

Low Stock Product

Stay alert about the store product stock count.

  • The app has a separate section for the list of low stock products.
  • The minimum low stock quantity is set from the admin panel.
  • Sales agents can request for new stock.
  • Request history can be viewed by the cashier.
Low Stock Product

On-Hold Orders

The POS user can put the cart on hold when needed.

  • Add cart to hold anytime.
  • Separate section for on-hold orders includes the list of orders on hold.
  • Direct checkout can be done from the hold order section itself.
  • The order can be deleted.
On-Hold Orders

Discount And Coupons

Provide discounts and coupons to your customers via this application.

  • Sales agent can provide coupons or discount.
  • Coupons must be valid.
  • Discount can be either a fixed amount or some percentage of the cart amount.
Discount And Coupons

Barcode Product Search

Sales agents can add products by barcode product search.

  • The sales agent can add products by scanning the product barcode.
  • Provides quick and easy checkout process.
  • Reduce the chances of mistakes.
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Barcode Product Search

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