Barcode Product Search

Barcode Product Search will allow the customer to look for the products without any additional effort. The app user only needs to scan the barcode attached to the product. The camera of the device could be used by the app user to scan the barcode. Thus, avoiding the requirement of any additional device. It is quite helpful in case of re-ordering a product where the customer has a similar product. The app user need not fetch for the product in the complete app. Thus, the Barcode Product Search can help in multiple ways to the app user-

  • Saves Time of App User- The app user time is saved as now they can find a product by just scanning the barcode. They need not have to type the complete name of the product or speak it out.
  • Avoid conflict among the products- The barcode scanning will open up a specific product to which the barcode is attached. This will remove the conflict of the products in case of similar products.
  • Increases the User interaction- This will enhance the user interaction with the app. This is because they can find the desired product easily.

*This feature is depicted in Magento 2 Mobile App builder but can be implemented in any of the apps. Thus, some Technical Details about Barcode- 1- Android: Barcode Scanner 2-Scan Barcode in iOS That’s all for the feature still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

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