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Android: Barcode Scanner


There are many applications that uses Barcode scanner in one or the other way and its not that difficult to create one for yourself but when scanning a Barcode is a small part of your application then creating a scanner by yourself is not a worthy decision. I came across the same situation when I need a good Barcode library to add in my application. After using a handful of options including Google vision API, I finally came across the one that solved each an every problem of mine.

The library used is a third party library so please go through the license policy before use. The GitHub link to the library is here.

The procedure to use is extremely easy. Just add this dependency to your application build.gradle file

Now wherever you need to access the Barcode just add the below lines of code

As a Barcode is scanned the result will be redirected back to this activity where you can get the scanned Barcode result as

I needed only UPC_A and UPC_E code so I had the result checked but you can use it as you want.

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