Bring the perks of machine learning to your eCommerce store app.

Text & Object Detection

A user scans the text or physical object using the device's default camera. Neural identifies it and prompts user with suggestions.

ML neural is powerful and also capable of -

Detecting Faces

Identifying Landmarks

Scanning Barcodes

Recognizing Texts

Label Images

Speech Recognition

Voice recognition reduces the effort of typing and lets the user to search for a product by just speaking into their device's microphone.

Speech recognition helps to deliver a more delightful and fast in-app experience.

Speech to

ML Kit as Core

Mobikul App Builder utilizes the best of Firebase ML Kit in both Android and iOS Version which brings a delightful smart experience to the end app users.

Google Cloud Vision API

Android Neural Networks API

Google Cloud Speech-to-text API

TensorFlow Lite

Imagery and logos may be subject to copyright, which are owned by their respective owners. All the ML kit related functionalities will be available with the limits and pricing plans of Firebase. Firebase may change any functionality of ML kit without any prior information, therefore these functionalities might change or stop. The design shown on this page is just a representation of the functionality. The actual design and functionality will be added as per the default design and theme of the mobikul application.

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