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Magento 2 Marketplace Food Delivery Mobile App

Get your food delivered at your doorsteps from the nearest restaurant available.

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Main Features

Seller Add/ Edit Products

The food delivery system supports the marketplace that allows sellers to manage the details:

  • Seller Can add new food products.
  • Existing food product details can be edited.
  • The seller can add attractive product images.
  • The seller needs to select the cuisine type for each product. 


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Seller Add/ Edit Products

Highly Responsive Landing Page

The landing page is the first appearance and center of attraction for any application:

  • The landing page is quite attractive for mobile and web both the ends.
  • Customers can add the location here only.
  • Any product can be searched in the banner image.
  • The nearby restaurants will be visible in the landing page as per the added location.
  • The system can also detect the current location of the customer
Highly Responsive Landing Page

Manage Restaurant Info

The store owner can manage the restaurant information:

  • Opening and Closing timing.
  • Weekdays on which the service will be available.
  • Cuisine types will be selected by the restaurant owner.
  • Most importantly the delivery range for providing the delivery.
  • The restaurant will be visible online or offline as per the timings.
Manage Restaurant Info

Single Vendor Checkout

The customer can order from one vendor at a time:

  • Cart will hold food products from one restaurant at a time.
  • Fast delivery process available. 
  • Better discounts and offers available in single seller checkout.
  • Commission can be shared easily among the seller and admin.
Single Vendor Checkout

Fast Delivery from nearby restaurants

The hyperlocal system is used to connect with nearby restaurants:

  • The customer will order from nearby locations.
  • The delivery will be fast and efficient.
  • Express delivery is used for swift delivery.
Fast Delivery from nearby restaurants

One Time Password

Proper customer authentication for correct delivery confirmation:

  • The delivery boy authenticates the customer by OTP.
  • The customer receives an OTP of four digits. 
  • OTP is sent when the delivery boy is assigned to the order.
  • The delivery boy enters that OTP once the order is delivered.
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One Time Password

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