CS-Cart POS Flutter App

CS-Cart Flutter POS App Builder(Available for both Android & iOS) will allow the store owner to manage the physical store with the help of the app from anywhere and anytime.

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Main Features

feature-17419 Add New Product
feature-16790 Product Quantity Update
feature-16783 On-Hold Orders
feature-4214 Offline Mode
feature-17447 Multiple Currency Supported
feature-16792 Add New Customer
feature-16786 Discount And Coupons

Add New Product

The sales agent can make the POS system more reliable by adding new product. 

  • Add new product to the POS system just in few clicks.
  • POS user can add new product directly from the application.
  • The sales agent just neeed to add the product name, price, and code.
  • The code should be unique for every product. 
Add New Product

Product Quantity Update

Add the product quantity as desired by the customers.

  • Sales agent can increase or decrease the quantity as required.
  • The quantity can be increased by clicking on the plus button.
  • Quantity can be decreased by clicking on the minus button.
  • Any quantity of product can be added to the cart unless the payment is not completed.
Product Quantity Update

On-Hold Orders

Sales agent can put the cart on hold, to monitor the long queue in the POS system.

  • The sales agent will put the cart on hold for the stucked orders.
  • This will not bother other queue members to proceed the checkout.
  • The orders on hold can get back to the cart. 
  • Restored orders will be proceeded like normal orders.
On-Hold Orders

Offline Mode

Do not worry if the internet connectivity is not well, the POS will still work properly.

  • The POS system will work in the offline mode too. 
  • These orders will get listed under the offline orders section.
  • This can help the retail industries which are in remote areas.
  • The offline orders can be moved to the online orders in the presence of good internet.
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Offline Mode

Multiple Currency Supported

Supporting multiple currency is one of the foremost feature of any POS system.

  • Multiple currency support will allow the retail managers to use the system worldwide.
  • The currency can be changes by the sales agent.
  • No hard and tough process is there to change the currency of the POS system.
  • Updated currency will be same for all the upcoming orders.
Multiple Currency Supported

Add New Customer

New customers are most welcome to the store with just like regular customers.

  • The sales agent can add the new customer without effecting other orders.
  • The customer can be added even before or after adding product to cart.
  • Details needed are name, email, and contact number.
Add New Customer

Discount And Coupons

Provide benefits to customers with coupons and discounts on the orders, just in few click. 

  • The sales agent can manage add discount or coupon for any order.
  • Discount can be either fixed amount or any percentage of cart amount.
  • The coupons can be applied just by typing its code. 
  • Occasional discounts will increase the customer engagement.
Discount And Coupons

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