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Experience reliable shopping with Grocery Mobile App: Customer engagement and Seamless shopping experience.

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Main Features

feature-48214 Interactive User Interface
feature-48219 Live Synchronization
feature-48221 Multiple Payment Gateway
feature-48224 Advanced search

 Turn the traditional Grocery website into Grocery Mobile App

Increase customer engagement and retention of the customer. The Magento 2 Grocery mobile app will aid in quick shopping and effective checkout processing. Now, convert your regular grocery website into a complete online store with their Android and iOS mobile application. Moreover, increase customer engagement and sales revenue.

Real-time Synchronization

Better User experince

Accessible Anytime and Anywhere

Offline mode work support

Why Grocery Mobile App?

Magento 2 Grocery Mobile App converts the regular grocery website into a fully native mobile application. Hence, the customers will engage more and more in your store to experience a quick and seamless way of shopping. 

Interactive User Interface

The interactive user interface allows the customer to enhance the user experience in the store.

The stunning carouselsspecial deals,  and much more in the UI attracts the customers.

The point of attraction is the wondrous dashboard which includes:

  • Carousels
  • Featured products
  • New Products
  • Hot deals

which helps the customer to access products easily.

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Interactive User Interface

Live Synchronization

In order to make e-commerce more salutary, the websites and apps are synchronized in real-time. That is-

  • The changes done at any end in the real-time will be reflected in other ends as well.
  • Thus, this will be done automatically for more reliable user experience.
  • It makes the app much reliable to the app user as it is having the consistency of data at both ends.
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Live Synchronization

Multiple Payment Gateway

This feature provides the app to deal with all kinds of customers to make payment offline and online.

  • The customer can use multiple payment methods to make the payment.
  • Also, the offline methods include Cash on Delivery or Check/Money Order.
  • The online payment methods include Paypal, MangoPay, and much more.
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Multiple Payment Gateway

Advanced search

An advanced search feature in a mobile app allows users to refine their search results by multiple criteria, making it easier to find relevant content or information.

  • Search any product instantly with Advanced search.
  • Multiple filter options to get results quickly.
  • Filters such as name, product SKU, Categories, and Description.
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Advanced search

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