Magento 2 TV App

Experience direct video streaming on your TV with the help of the Magento 2 TV app and control it with your TV remote.

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Main Features

  • feature-46301 Flutter-Based TV App
  • feature-48214 Interactive User Interface
  • feature-46313 Find Videos Via Text Search
  • feature-48536 Illustrative Video Page
  • feature-48539 Stream Videos from Multiple Channels
  • feature-48541 Operate TV App with Remote Control
  • Flutter-Based TV App

    Flutter framework is used for TV app development. It makes it possible for the app to have a unique code and an interactive design.

    • This app is a cross-platform app.
    • Android app code is written in Dart with Flutter framework using Android Studio. 
    • It will expedite the development process and improve deployment efficiency.
    Flutter-Based TV App

    Interactive User Interface

    The Magento 2 TV App provides an interactive and user-friendly interface to the customers.

    • Channel Carousel is accessible.
    • Customers can access the appropriate channel directly.
    • The banner will feature the most recent video.
    • The banner will display the description of the home page. 
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    Interactive User Interface

    Find Videos Via Text Search

    Customers can browse through a wide range of videos to choose the one they want.

    • You can search for the video by entering the video name.
    • All keyword-relevant videos will be displayed after the text keyword search.
    • So, write it down and find it. It is that simple. 
    Find Videos Via Text Search

    Illustrative Video Page

    The video page featuring channels and video names will display a variety of videos for the customer to view.

    • The videos can be seen more clearly on the video page.
    • Along with the video name, the thumbnail is available.
    • You'll find a list of videos and channels, on the same page. 
    Illustrative Video Page

    Stream Videos from Multiple Channels

    You can find multiple videos in different channels by selecting the channel option on the left menu pane.

    • Customers have a variety of channels to choose from.
    • There are a variety of channels available, including ones with lifestyle, culinary, and educational videos.
    • Customers can select any channel, and the added video will show on the screen.
    Stream Videos from Multiple Channels

    Operate TV App with Remote Control

    Customers can use their TV remote to play videos.

    • The customer can play and pause the video in the middle.
    • Play the video in either forward or backward motion.
    • The customer can play the video and then navigate back to the home page.
    Operate TV App with Remote Control

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