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Laravel eCommerce PWA

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Main Features

Transform your website like Mobile Application while having the full functionality of the website. By using the Laravel eCommerce PWA application, you will get features like push notification, add to the home screen, etc.


Why Laravel eCommerce PWA?

Progressive Web Application uses web compatibilities and provides a native app experience to the user. With Laravel eCommerce PWA, Customer can view your website in offline mode so as the resulting customer’s engagement rates will be increased. Laravel eCommerce PWA is reliable and responsive.



Users can easily access the Laravel eCommerce PWA through a browser like Chrome, Safari, and Opera. PWA is mobile device independent so it can work on any mobile device


User friendly laravel PWA

Social sharing of the Product

With the help of the social sharing feature, you will be getting more viewers on your product so that increases the chances of more orders. For the new product, you can easily inform your friends, family, and followers on social media.

Easy product sharing PWA

Offline Access

PWA would also respond even if you are disconnected from the internet connection. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses that have a catalog, where the user doesn’t need to reload it again and again to view it.

Offline Access PWA

User Engagement

With the help of push notification, you can engage your customers. That means you can send them notification like the offer, deal, important alert, etc even they are not using the app at that time.


User engagement PWA

No update required

Like some traditional apps required a manual update or wi-fi connection. Updating the apps without wifi required lots of data consumption which increases the cost to the customer. Laravel eCommerce PWA doesn't have this problem.

No update required in PWA

Instant Loading

When the user added PWA on the home screen, with the help of the service worker it loads instantly. FOR 3G connection, It takes 2.5 sec to load for the first visit and 7.1 sec to fully load the page. It takes 0.8 sec for the second visit.

Instant loading PWA



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