Magento 2 Hyperlocal Mobile App

Connect with the nearest seller and find the desired product in lesser time.

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Main Features

  • feature-47384 Shipping Rate Calculation
  • feature-47405 Offline mode work support
  • feature-47398 Current Location Detection
  • ‘Serve The Nearest’ with Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App

    Want to convert your Marketplace Hyperlocal web store into anĀ  Android and iOS mobile applications? Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App for Magento 2 will do this for you in the most obvious way possible.

    With this On-Demand application, the seller can acquire the nearest customers, set shipping prices and delivery rates and the customers can buy the desired products from the nearest available shops.

    Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile app

    Offline Mode Work Capability

    Faster Delivery

    Connect with nearest seller

    Accurate shipping charges

    Why Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App?


    Shipping Rate Calculation

    The seller can also view this app. Which means, now the seller will also be able to manage some features from the mobile device:

    • The seller can add or edit the products from their mobile devices.
    • For the sake of convenience, the seller can view a separate list of products and orders.
    • Further, the customer will receive the invoice and shipping from the seller.
    • Although, it supports simple and virtual products





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    Shipping Rate Calculation

    Offline mode work support

    Imagine, receiving the product just after a few hours or days after ordering the product. Yes, this module can do this too.

    • The dashboard of the application includes an option to change the location.
    • Users can update the location by adding it in the form of text or selecting it via GPS or the third option is Google map.
    • By doing this, the customer can purchase the desired products from the nearest sellers. 

    Moreover, this feature follows the On-demand application which fasten-up the delivery process.



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    Offline mode work support

    Current Location Detection

    Shipping rates are the point about which customer cares a lot. Further, shipping rates can vary the rate of the cart to a great amount.

    • The shipping rates will be calculated from the seller's origin.
    • Meanwhile, the seller can select the add the location from the auto-suggestion list of locations.
    • Also, a CSV file can be made by the seller with attributes distance and weight, as per that the cost will be estimated. 



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    Current Location Detection

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