Magento 2 Watch App

Experience Magento 2 features on your Android Smart Watch and check orders, notifications, order status, profile details, and more.

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Main Features

  • feature-47221 Smart Login and Account View
  • feature-47218 Flutter-Based Watch App
  • feature-47213 Friendly App Interface
  • feature-47200 Push Notification
  • feature-47175 Easy Order Status Tracking
  • Experience Magento 2 features on your Android Smart Watch and check orders, notifications, order status, profile details, and more.

    Smart Login and Account View

    The customers can directly use the Watch app with any special access for the same. 

    • Login with Username and Password.
    • Customers can view their password by showing the password icon. 
    • Customer can view their profile information with first name, last name, and email ID. 
    • They can't make the changes in the profile information as it's preset. 
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    Smart Login and Account View

    Flutter-Based Watch App

    The Magento 2 watch app is built on the Flutter framework. It allows the app to have an interactive design and a unique code. 

    • Android app codes are written in Dart with Flutter on the Android Studio.
    • It will save the time of development and increase deployment efficiency.
    • The Flutter-based app provides a beautiful UI for your watch app. 
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    Flutter-Based Watch App

    Friendly App Interface

    The Magento 2 Android Smart Watch App provides an interactive user interface to the customers.

    • Customers can check the interactive dashboard.
    • After login customers can navigate to orders, profile, notifications, and logout options.
    • Popup notifications will be displayed in the watch app. 
    • One-click logout is available in the app. 
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    Friendly App Interface

    Push Notification

    The Watch app provides Push notification facilities to the customers.

    • The customer will receive notifications for various events like order status, offers, events, etc.
    • The customer can view the notification by tapping on it.
    • The notification will display in the popup so you don’t need to take out your phone.
    • There is a separate icon for viewing the notification list.
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    Push Notification

    Easy Order Status Tracking

    The Magento 2 Watch app provides order tracking by order status.

    • Customers can see the changes in order status from ordered to delivered as per various stages.
    • A separate icon is available to view the order list.
    • The customer will see the order status with the order ID.
    • The customer will receive the notification after order placement.
    • The order status will change when the admin makes any changes in the order from the backend.
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    Easy Order Status Tracking

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