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Main Features

feature-48712 Organized Address Book
feature-48714 Add to Wishlist
feature-48716 Render Desired Reviews
feature-48718 Comfortable Sign-in/Register
feature-48720 Convenient Payment Modes



 Convert your Web store into Fully Native App

Hybrid mobile app for Magento 2 allows the store to convert their e-commerce stores into hybrid mobile app. Moreover, it provides their store to explore in between customers.

Compare Products

The customer can add the products to a comparison list.

Layered Navigation

The customer can filter out the products as per choice.

Push Notifications

The customer can receive an informative notification about the launch of new products, deals & sale.

Real time Synchronization

With this feature in the app, the website and the mobile app always remain updated.

Why Hybrid Mobile App?

After an amazing growth of the mobile industry, the customers does not like to shop from websites. Meanwhile, shopping via mobile apps became handy and comfortable for customers.


Organized Address Book

For the reduction of heck in the checkout process, the app provides an address book.

  • With this feature, the customer can add multiple addresses.
  • Billing, Shipping, and Additional addresses can be added.
  • Default billing and Shipping address entries will have a single entry.
  • Further, multiple Additional address entries.
  • The right product will deliver at the right address.
Organized Address Book

Add to Wishlist

Add the products you liked in your own wishlist.

  • This app provides every user with a wishlist.
  • Moreover, customers can add products and buy later.
  • Multiple products can be added at a time.
  • Also, products can be shared with others.
Add to Wishlist

Render Desired Reviews

Customers do experiences after every purchase and can share the reviews.

  • First, customers can add reviews.
  • Also, the customer can see other added reviews.
  • Reviews can be positive or negative. 
  • The customer rates the product on a five-star scale.
  • Customers have to write the shopping experience in the comment.
  • Further, added reviews are visible to other customers as well.
Render Desired Reviews

Comfortable Sign-in/Register

To experience a quick and precise checkout process the customer can log in before making any purchase.

  • Existing customers can easily log in via the left menu drawer.
  • New customers can also register in the same way
  • Meanwhile, registration is must for making any purchase.
  • Fields like Name, email, and passwords are required for signup.
Comfortable Sign-in/Register

Convenient Payment Modes

For assisting all kinds of customers the app provides various ways to make the payment.

  • Both offline and online gateways available.
  • Offline methods (eg. COD, cheque, bank transfer, etc).
  • Further, online methods (eg. PayPal, Stripe, PayU, PayTabs, etc).
  • Also, Customers can pay using credit or debit cards.
Convenient Payment Modes

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