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Need for Multi-Vendor Mobile App?

The multi vendor mobile application will be the future for the eCommerce marketplace. If you want to grow rapidly in the e-commerce industry then you need to adapt to the latest technologies.

The idea behind in order to move from eCommerce business to eCommerce marketplace is about the business growth.

Nowadays everyone wants a magnificent success in the eCommerce marketplace. Thus the mobile application is contributing a superior role to maintain your existence in the eCommerce business world.

Letting the customers buy the products on the go, by just a few clicks & the order has been placed. The vendors without any desktop or laptop can manage their inventory, orders & products from anywhere, just by using the application.

The eCommerce marketplace can help you to create a competitive environment for your competitors.

What is is the biggest e-commerce platform in the Middle East, delivering its services to total 8 Countries. allows you to browse from a number of categories like Fashion, electronics, mobiles, tablets, perfumes and many more, at much-discounted price than other supermarkets or websites.

A Subsidiary of Amazon, acting as an arm in the Middle East region. had a total of approx. 2015 semi-automated fulfillment centers in U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait & Egypt which help sellers to stock their inventory other than at their own stores.

According to the sources its around 62 % of people at present uses online shopping platform in UAE, this is number is increased up to 25% from 2017 which is a significant increase in the number of users.

Hence understand the pattern shift and provides their best in class e-commerce services and major/minor products in different categories to its customers.

In the year 2016 titled as best e-commerce website in the Middle East region, it also attracts 45 million visits per month making it a step above the competitors. App

As we know e-commerce needs an online presence to let its customers reach out your servings at ease. And if we are talking about giving excellent shopping experience to our customers on the go,

Then the mobile application is a must to have an option for your e-commerce marketplace business. understands the need of having a mobile app & launch its mobile application for both IOS & Android platforms.

With the help of this app, you are allowed to browse from over 600,000 products from approx 31 categories with multiple features & functionalities like:-

Now the question arises, How to start an application just like

For this, we at webkul have created Multi-vendor mobile apps for the leading e-commerce platforms like Opencart & Magento, with the latest functionalities & features which would help the sellers as well as the application user to experience the features on the go.

Now let us showcase some of the similarities between the webkul created Multi-vendor apps & the app.

For the proper understanding of features in the applications, you can find some images of both the Souq app & of our multivendor apps.

Souq app images are in left & our multivendor apps in the right

  1. Multilingual support:- The applications support multiple languages i.e Arabic & English helping a wider number of audience as they can find their understandable language.

  2. RTL Support:- The applications support RTL Layout along with the change in language.

 3. Special offers & Wishlist:- Our applications as well souq app provides special offers feature like in order to do a standard marketing practice via email, social sites etc.

Also, both have the feature of the wishlist for the customers so that they can add their desired items and can purchase them later.

 4. Coupons Discounts:- Both the applications offer coupons for discounts on the various product range. Most of the coupons provide tremendous value.

  5. Shipping methods:- The applications provide multiple product shipping choices for their customers as the customer would satisfy only if their product purchased will be delivered as per the shipment selected by them.

   6. Social login:- In both the applications we can connect to the apps by just signing by our social networking accounts.

Note: It is the customizable (paid) feature. If you want this feature in the Mobikul Mobile Application then it will be done through customization.

Customization Cost: 50 USD for each social login like Facebook, Google+, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

  7. Seller Feedback & Review System:- This feature allows the customers to see review & feedback of the sellers before purchasing the products from that particular seller.

These are some of the listed features that exist in our Multi-vendor mobile apps and in souq mobile app.

Now let us see some of the additional features that would make our multi-vendor marketplace apps a step ahead as they have all the essential features and functionalities that would work perfectly as per your business needs and strategies.

Here we will see features present in both our Opencart Mobikul Marketplace appMagento 2 Mobikul Marketplace app.


Our Multi-vendor marketplace apps, provide very beneficial features, for both the customers and for the sellers.

And the best part of our marketplace apps is that no other separate application is required for the seller to manage their store, Seller can easily manage their products, orders through the same application only, unlike Souq separate seller app.

Let us showcase some of the features present in our marketplace apps & Souq sellers app.

This feature is present only in our multi-vendor apps.

This feature is present only in our multi-vendor apps.

The seller can look into the customer details & check the status for the orders.


With the help of this feature, the seller can easily add new products with the help of a mobile device. The seller can now add products to the store from anywhere at any time





Our Multi-vendor marketplace apps are very user-friendly in order to provide the customers & sellers hassle-free UI. The features

 Note: It is the customizable (paid) feature. If you want this feature in the Mobikul Mobile Application then it will be done through customization.


          Note: It is the customizable (paid) feature.

Additional Features

Note 1: To use this addon, you must have our Mobikul Mobile App Builder.

Our Mobikul Wallet System for App is fully compatible with our Wallet System For Magento 2 Module. To use this add-on in the Mobile App, you must have installed Wallet System for Magento 2

Our Mobikul Wallet System for App is fully compatible with our Opencart Wallet System Module. To use this add-on in the Mobile App, you must have installed Wallet System for Opencart

The Suggested result will be shown on the same screen where the customer can choose the particular option and can look for the desired products.

Note: It is the customizable (paid) feature. If you want this feature in the Mobikul Mobile Application then it will be done through customization.

Advance Features

Some of the advanced features of our Multi-Vendor mobile apps which will make your mobile app to compete in all the area of the technology.

Product Management from the Multi-Vendor application & Souq seller app

With the help of our  Multi-Vendor mobile applications, you can manage your products easily just like from Souq Seller app, the seller can easily perform the product management.


That’s all for the blog. Now, if you want a multi-vendor application which has features to that of Souq app and other beneficial additional features you can use our Multi-vendor mobile apps to maintain your existence in the eCommerce business world.

You can visit our store Webkul to explore more beneficial add-ons for your eCommerce Marketplace and Mobikul store to explore our innovative and developed stand-alone CMS based mobile apps.

Disclaimer is a registered trademark. Webkul is not a partner or an affiliate of This blog is only for the user perspective.

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