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Multi Lingual Support

Our MOBIKUL Mobile Application will give Multi-Lingual support. It allows the app user to conveniently convert the app in the respective native language.

Thus, the app owner can inform us to enable any desired language at the time of Pre-Requisite submission.

This feature gives a localized version of the app which attracts targeted customers. So, the major benefits of the app with the multi-lingual feature is-

1- Cost Effective Marketing Tool- This best tool to attract customer from all across the globe. By removing the geographical boundaries.

2- New Customer Acquisition- The multi-lingual app could acquire the customer of the particular region could be made easy.

3- Better Trust- The customer can feel much familiar with the app when they see everything in their desired language.


However, our mobile app support, RTL and LTR languages and the app can set up to be your desired language.

So, if you wish to maximize the store sales the Multi-Lingual support can be the best feature.

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