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In our Mobikul application, this feature is so valuable from the customers’ point of view. They can easily Login the mobile app through their mobile number. Instead of entering long email address again and again for Login the mobile app they can simply Login via their 10 digits mobile number. This feature provides your customers to faster account recovery if they have forgotten their mobile app password.


How to register the mobile no. for the login?
The mobile app user can register his/her mobile no. for Login in just simple steps.
1. First, the user needs to Login the app account via username (email or social accounts) and password as usual.
2. Then he/she needs to register the mobile no. in the default address.
3. Now the mobile no. is registered & the user can use the mobile no. & the same password for Login the mobile app.

Note: It is the customizable (paid) feature. If you want this feature in the Mobikul Mobile Application then it will be done through customization.


How to pay for the customization that you can check here – Customization Payment.

Product Name: You need to enter the name of  Mobikul App builder in which you want to include this customization.

If you have any query, please create a ticket with the complete requirements along with the platform details.


If you already have the account on the ticket system then please Sign In the system and raise your requirements regarding the customization of this feature.


The results provided were above our expectations both in deliverability timeline as well as operation. They are a top-notch company with many resources and a company we feel honoured to work with again!

Lee Seward

Lee Seward

Founder, Gro-Connect

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