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DesignDuality – Tailor Made Online Fashion App for Indian Apparel Designers Marketplace Platform


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DesignDuality is an online platform offering a wide range of Indian designer dresses now also launched an online fashion app.

It is a fashion brand committed to customer satisfaction, innovation, and value and enhances customer experience.

For that, they needed a mobile app builder solution to further elevate their online shopping experience.


Mobikul helped DesignDuality build their mobile app which helps customers to browse collections from various designers, send measurements to tailor, and place orders.

Online Fashion Marketplace Built with Shopify Multi Vendor

Shopify Multi vendor marketplace solution enabled DesignDuality to quickly turn their web store into a multi-seller marketplace platform like Myntra.

Designers can quickly navigate their Dashboard, Order History, and manage their products and orders as a result.



Additionally, the customer can buy things from the vendor by using Shopify’s standard features.

With this Shopify marketplace plugin, seller details are exportable by the admin. Also, the admin can add a new seller and modify or disable the current one.


This incredible marketplace solution enables businesses of all sizes to grow and expand into the digital commerce environment.


Also, it gives the consumer access to a wide range of shopping options from the online fashion marketplace.

Shopify Mobile App Builder

Using Shopify Marketplace Mobile App builder DesignDuality developed a mobile app for their Shopify-based online store.

This mobile app builder allows real-time synchronization of data related to orders, customers, products, and more between the mobile app and webstore.

Shopify Mobile App provides different add-ons that DesignDuality uses to enhance their functionalities.

Shopify Mobile App Creator is a Flutter-based application with special features like simple checkout and notifications, among many others. It is also quite customizable.

Following are some features that enhanced the DesignDuality app:

Real-Time Synchronization

Every piece of information on the mobile app is updated in real time with the website.

This implies that every piece of information about orders, clients, merchandise, and other details would be consistent across the mobile app.

Customers can enter the same login credentials on the mobile app as well as the website.

Push Notification

Shopify Mobile App also provides functionality for sharing information related to the store with app users in the form of push notifications.

This information will vary from offer to offer which helps in engaging the customers even when they are not using the app.

Mobile App Social login

Mobikul also integrated a very special feature into your Shopify mobile app builder which is social login in mobile app.




With the help of this functionality, the app user will be able to log in to the app by using social accounts like Google.

Social Login integration added a single sign-on feature for end users which enhances your Shopify store customer’s experience.

That means customers can use social networking services to sign in to your Shopify website instead of creating a new login account specifically.

There are some customizations done by Mobikul to develop the online fashion mobile app:

AI Measurement in Mobile App

DesignDuality designers are passionate about their craft and work tirelessly to create unique and aesthetic designs that make customers feel confident and beautiful.




Whether it’s classic or trendy looks, their dresses are carefully designed to flatter the customer’s figure and make them feel incredible.

They believe that fashion should be personal and reflective of a customer’s unique style.

Mobikul did MySizeID integration in mobile app as per the request so that customers can even add personal touches like embroidery or embellishments, making their dress truly one-of-a-kind.




MySizeID is an AI-powered measurement system, to ensure you get the perfect fit every time. This saves you both time and money.

Home page customization

Mobikul customized the DesignDuality app’s design, layout, and features according to its brand identity and target audience.




They helped in the customization of category images, Banner images, Icon images, splash screens, etc.

Category and product sort-by options

Mobikul added designer’s categories and their logo and also added Mobile drawers according to their request.




In this Shopify mobile app, Mobikul enabled customers to easily browse and Sort the diverse range of products according to them.


In conclusion, Mobikul proved to be the best mobile app development company for DesignDuality.

With its mobile app builder and integration capabilities, it provided the brand with a seamless and intuitive mobile shopping experience for its customers.

The user-friendly interface and customizable features allowed DesignDuality to showcase its products effectively and engage with its audience.

Ultimately, Mobikul played a significant role in boosting sales, enhancing customer satisfaction, and solidifying DesignDuality’s position in the market.

Thank you for reading this case study, if you wish to develop a similar ecommerce mobile app, please contact the Mobikul team.

Also, you may view and install DesignDuality on your smartphones or tablets to see it in action.


Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].

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