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J.Lindeberg, a Swedish fashion brand founded in 1996, has become synonymous with contemporary style and quality.

With its clean lines, minimalist designs, and attention to detail, J. Lindeberg has carved out a unique niche in the sports fashion industry.

Background – Popular fashion and sports brand

From the beginning, J.Lindeberg aimed to challenge traditional fashion norms and bring a contemporary twist to classic designs.

The brand’s distinctive aesthetic connected with many people, making J.Lindeberg a significant player in the fashion sector.


J.Lindeberg provides cutting-edge items for the fashion, tennis, golf, skiing, and other sports markets. From casual clothing to custom outfits.

This dedication to quality is evident in the fit and feel of their clothing, creating an exceptional wearing experience for customers.


J.Lindeberg offers a diverse range of products that cater to different style preferences and occasions.

It has a large assortment of clothing for both men and women. Golf enthusiasts favour this brand due to its fashionable and practical golf wear.

From polo shirts and pants to wind jackets and accessories, J.Lindeberg also offers a variety of accessories to complement their clothing line.




Today, J.Lindeberg is a global brand with a presence in numerous countries, admired for its modern yet timeless collections.

Mobile App-Only Approach with Adobe Commerce (Magento 2)

Adobe Commerce (formerly known as Magento) has become the preferred choice for many popular brands to build their scalable e-commerce system.

Similarly, J.Lindeberg AE also chooses Adobe Commerce to manage its digital commerce backend and synchronize with its mobile application.


However, at the moment J. Lindeberg Middle East only focuses on m-commerce (mobile commerce). There can be many reasons for this.

Such as following the mobile-first approach, as consumers spend most of their on smartphones. Giving more convenience to shoppers on the go.

Leveraging mobile device features such as location, cache data, push notifications, and collecting user profile data to optimize marketing strategies.

J.Lindeberg Middle East Sports Fashion Mobile App

J.Lindeberg Middle East ecommerce mobile app is developed by Mobikul. It is intended to improve the shopping experience and enable convenient access to apparel items.




This Middle East Sports fashion mobile app is available for both iOS and Android device users and can be downloaded from the Google Play and App Store.

Features and Functionalities

Here are some features and functionalities present in the J.Lindeberg mobile app.

Easy Shopping Experience

The app provides a seamless online shopping experience, allowing to explore and purchase J.Lindeberg’s latest collections with just a few taps.




With FaceID authentication, it provides more advanced security as well as ease of access to customers whenever they are using the app.

Further, there are multiple navigation filters and options available to refine the product listings.

Collection Showcase

The brand’s extensive selection of apparel, accessories, and other products are all accessible from the app.

It’s simple to search for specific goods or learn about current fashions because the collections are clearly categorized.




Size Guides and Fit Assistance

To assist in selecting the appropriate size while buying apparel, the app contains comprehensive sizing advice and fit recommendations.




For a better purchasing experience, the Magento 2 size chart tool offers advice on measurements and fit ideas.

Exclusive Offers and Notifications

Buyers will get information about upcoming sales, new arrivals, special promotions, and discounts by downloading the J.Lindeberg app.

Wishlist and Advanced Search

In the J.Lindeberg Middle East app, shoppers can add items to their wishlist or favourite them.

By doing so, they can save goods for future purchases or keep a record of their favourite items.




Further, customers can perform advanced searching to find what they are looking for. They can search via product name, SKU, or price range.

How J.Lindeberg Developed its Middle East Sports Fashion Mobile App?

Businesses like J.Lindeberg can increase their digital presence and consumer experiences with the help of Mobikul.

Read another Mobikul Middle East mobile app case study of Jawaher Jewellery.

Being a leading provider of mobile app development solutions. We assisted J.Lindeberg in the following ways:

Native Mobile App Development

The Mobikul development team built an intuitive mobile app that offers seamless shopping experiences for shoppers.

J.Lindeberg Middle East app is based on the Magento 2 Mobile App Builder, providing fully native Android and iOS apps.

These apps are completely customizable with all the essential e-commerce functions including simple navigation, checkout, and account management.

Custom Mobile UI UX Design

Webkul Design team specializes in delivering custom mobile app design services specifically tailored UI to meet J.Lindeberg’s unique requirements.

We implemented several modifications, including enhancements to icons, labels, text, image banners, and various UI elements.




The end result is an elegantly minimalistic mobile app design that boasts user-friendly buttons and intuitive navigation.

Thus ensuring a seamless and straightforward browsing and checkout experience.

Facebook SDK Integration in Mobile Apps

We also implemented Facebook SDK Integration in the iOS App. This enables merchants to collect information about the users and how they use the app.

The Facebook SDK in iOS App insight will help J.Lindeberg to identify the effectiveness of the ads and further personalize them according to the users.

Publish Mobile Apps on Google Play and App Store

Once the apps were ready to go live, it was time to launch them on the popular and official mobile app marketplaces.

So our team helped the client publish the J.Lindeberg mobile apps over Google Play and App Store.

Publishing an app over Google Play and App Store requires a developer account.

Moreover, we need to follow all the platform guidelines, upload high-quality screenshots with content, and then wait for review approval.

You can also browse and download J.Lindeberg apps on your smartphones or tablets:

Mobile App Support and Maintenance

Mobikul is also providing ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that J. Lindeberg’s online presence runs smoothly.

Our team will offer regular updates, bug patches, security upgrades, and technical help to handle any potential problems.


In conclusion, Mobikul helped J.Lindeberg with complete mobile app development services including UI design, publishing, custom integrations, and support.

These services empower J.Lindeberg to deliver an exceptional online shopping experience to its customers while maximizing its brand presence and sales potential in the Middle East.

Thank you for reading this case study, if you wish to develop a similar e-commerce mobile app, please contact Mobikul team.

Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].

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