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Ajmal Perfumes Middle East Ecommerce Mobile App case study explores the development and impact of the Ajmal Perfumes Andriod and iOS applications, which aim to provide users with a seamless and immersive fragrance shopping experience.

Developed to cater to the growing demand for mobile-centric solutions, the app sought to elevate Ajmal Perfumes’ brand presence and enhance customer engagement.

We will analyze the key features, benefits, and impact of the Ajmal Perfumes mobile app, shedding light on its contribution to the fragrance industry and the brand’s overall success in UAE and other international markets.

Introduction – from farm to fragrance

Ajmal Perfumes is a very popular fragrance brand that has a rich heritage spanning over seven decades.

The brand’s story originates in Assam, India in 1951 when Haji Ajmal Ali, the founder, set foot in Mumbai. From there, he quickly established himself as the premier supplier of perfumes to the Gulf region.

In 1976, Ajmal Perfumes achieved another significant milestone by opening its first retail outlet in Dubai. The company continued to flourish and, in 1986, set up its own manufacturing unit in UAE.


Throughout the 1990s, Ajmal Perfumes made a remarkable impact in expanding its presence across numerous Gulf nations, solidifying its reputation as a prominent fragrance brand in the region.

Presently, Ajmal Perfumes boasts an extensive network of over 240 outlets, serving customers in more than 45 countries.

© Ajmal Perfumes

Recognizing the evolving landscape of consumer behaviour and the rise of digital commerce, the brand embraced the e-commerce sales channel in 2015 to cater to the needs of its Gulf country audience.


Understanding the importance of embracing digital technology to remain relevant in an increasingly mobile-oriented market, Ajmal Perfumes joined forces with Mobikul, a renowned mobile app development company.

Together, they embarked on a journey to create a cutting-edge Magento 2 mobile app that would enable Ajmal Perfumes to forge deeper connections with their customers and revolutionize the fragrance shopping experience.


The primary objectives of developing the Ajmal Perfumes mobile app were as follows:

Key Features and Functionality

The Ajmal Perfumes application is a Magento-based mobile app and it was designed with a range of features to deliver a comprehensive and delightful perfume shopping experience:

Browse By Scent Types

The app showcased Ajmal Perfumes with a diverse range of fragrances. Such as citrus, fruity, floral, chypre, oriental, woody, and dahn al oud. Allowing customers to browse through over 300 fine fragrances.




Arabic RTL Mobile App

Every Middle East ecommerce mobile app needs to cater to both Arabic and English language users and so does the Ajmal perfume application. All Mobikul Mobile Apps Support Arabic RTL (right-to-left) design layout.




Seamless Online Shopping

Customers could conveniently make purchases directly through the mobile app, thanks to its user-friendly interface and a range of secure mobile payment options.




The mobile app offered customers the choice to pay with a credit/debit card or opt for cash on delivery (COD). Moreover, the streamlined checkout process ensured a hassle-free transaction experience for users.

Exclusive Offers and Push Notifications

The app delivers mobile push notification messages on special promotions, discounts, and limited-time offers.

This strategic feature fosters a sense of exclusivity among customers, enticing them to take advantage of the enticing deals.




Consequently, it effectively encourages repeat purchases and ensures that customers stay updated on the latest offers and incentives.

Wishlist and Favorites

Customers could create wishlists of their preferred fragrances and, in addition, mark specific scents as favourites. This convenient feature allows them to keep track of their desired products and revisit them at any time.

By utilizing wishlists and favourites, customers can easily manage their fragrance preferences, ensuring a seamless and personalized shopping experience.




Social Sharing

The app allowed users to share their favourite fragrances on social media platforms, extending the brand’s reach and generating organic brand advocacy. On every product page, the share icon is visible in the top corner.

Benefits and Impact

The Ajmal Perfumes mobile app successfully delivered several benefits, positively impacting both the brand and its customers:

Enhanced Customer Experience

The mobile app provided a seamless and personalized fragrance shopping experience between web, mobile and retail channels, empowering customers to explore and purchase fragrances conveniently.

Increased Sales and Revenue

The mobile app custom design interface, coupled with exclusive offers and recommendations, drove customer engagement and boosted sales, contributing to increased revenue for Ajmal Perfumes.

Improved Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Through personalized notifications, exclusive offers, and a loyalty program, the app fostered stronger customer relationships, increasing customer retention and loyalty.

Data-Driven Insights

The mobile app generated valuable insights for analyzing customer shopping behaviour.

Enabling Ajmal Perfumes to refine its marketing strategies, product development, and inventory management based on customer preferences and trends.

Brand Differentiation

The mobile app positioned Ajmal Perfumes as an innovative and customer-centric brand. This sets them apart from competitors and strengthens its market position.

Summing Up

The Ajmal Perfumes mobile app, developed by Mobikul, successfully transformed the fragrance shopping experience for customers, enhancing convenience and brand engagement.

Furthermore, by embracing mobile technology, Ajmal Perfumes achieved increased sales, customer loyalty, and market reach. Consequently, the app’s impact highlights the significance of digital solutions in the fragrance industry.

In addition to its convenience, the mobile app had a substantial impact on Ajmal Perfumes’ sales performance. Not only did it attract new customers, but it also facilitated repeat purchases from existing customers. Consequently, the app played a pivotal role in boosting the company’s revenue and overall success.

Thank you for reading the case study. If you wish to build a similar mobile app for your business, then Contact Mobikul.

Also, you may check out and download Ajmal Perfumes Android App from Google Play and iOS App from the Apple App Store. 

Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].

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