Chat With Admin Via WhatsApp

Communication is one of the best tools for avoiding any confusion or transfer of any information. M-commerce industry is facilitated with numerous application to communicate from.That is, we have multiple application with which application user can chat with admin. But nowadays the most trending and famous method of chat is ‘WhatsApp‘.

So, Mobikul has gone a step ahead to create a communication channel using WhatsApp. The admin here gives the respective WhatsApp contact number from where the users can chat. This functionality will help in building a good relationship between app user and admin. The user can ask queries with regard to the store, product, offers and many more, whereas, the admin can receive feedback, answer user queries and much more.

So, if you wish to achieve all of above facilities and create a great store which will create a benchmark in the market. Then you need to include this feature in your application.

Note: It is the customizable (paid) feature. If you want this feature in the Mobikul Mobile Application then it will be done through customization.



How to pay for the customization that you can check here – Customization Payment.

Product Name: You need to enter the name of  Mobikul App builder in which you want to include this customization.

If you have any query, please create a ticket with the complete requirements along with the platform details.


If you already have the account on the ticket system then please Sign In the system and raise your requirements regarding the customization of this feature.


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