Top 5 features of Woocommerce Mobile App

Updated 27 December 2021


ECommerce mobile apps are standing out in today’s business world. In this blog, we will describe the top 5 features of the Woocommerce mobile app. The reason for this is the exposure of smartphones and it makes things effortless for humans. 

However, creating a mobile or web app for eCommerce is still comparatively intimidating. That’s where a WooCommerce app builder brings the action.

Customers appreciate the ease of online shopping lately, and Digital retail has become unavoidable to boost your business.

Therefore, this mobile app builder permits you to control your store through phone (Android or iOS) and brings a WooCommerce store into your pocket.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the concept of WooCommerce app builders in detail.

What are the benefits of WooCommerce mobile app builder?

Here are some benefits of managing your WooCommerce store with the mobile app:-

-The app functions in offline mode as well making it easier for the customers without internet facilities.

-It has one-page checkout making it simple to view all the steps on a single page.

-The app supports all the default payment options like cash on delivery, check, PayPal, and others making it very convenient for its customers.

-It has a very easy account management option that can be handled by the customers themselves.

-Homepage Banner slider, Push notifications, Category Icons help the store owners for quick and easy configuration on the app.

-This app provides a user-friendly interface without any interruptions.

Let’s look at the features of this mobile app builder and put your worries to rest.

Top 5 features of WooCommerce Mobile App

Now, let’s discuss in detail the top 5 features of the Mobile App builder for an easy e-commerce experience.

Offline Support

Not everyone has a good internet connection and because of this, you can miss out on many customers. WooCommerce mobile App has found a solution for the same.

Now, you do not need a stable network anymore, as WooCommerce supports offline transactions. For example, you can process an order offline without a stable network.

 When the Internet connection is accessible, the program displays the pre-loaded sites viewed. Thus, everyone may still visit your site and peruse the catalog, even if the consumer does not have an Internet connection.

Also, when customers enter their credit card information, the data can be processed offline using your payment terminal. As a result, the card type is detected automatically.

This process is made secure by saving the first and the last four digits of the card to your database. Then, an eight-digit security code goes to the dedicated email address.

It makes sure that the credit card number is unsaved on a single computer.

Smooth Integration with Payments and Shipping Methods

Everyone prefers smooth and hassle-free payments and shipping. However, it is always a headache if the interface is slow. Also, everyone has different methods of checkout.

WooCommerce Mobile App offers a wide range of payments and shipping methods. These options make it very convenient for customers to purchase.

Similarly, WooCommerce offers easy shipping options for everyone. In addition, it shows live rates from shipping carriers and fulfillment solutions.

WooCommerce provides smooth payment and shipping options. Customers can select the payment and shipping options at their convenience. Furthermore, it provides a hassle-free checkout process.

Native Application

Native apps are good in performance and provide a good user experience. Also, there is no hassle to submit the app in the apple IOS store, unlike hybrid and PWA apps.

WooCommerce Mobile App is natively built and takes advantage of device-based features. It supports iOS and Android devices, making it very convenient for users.

Furthermore, the installation is easy and does not consume much time. The App can take advantage of all the device features like camera, GPS, accelerometer, and contacts list.

This feature helps to deliver optimum services to the users.

Multilingual Support

Some people from different regions find it difficult to read and understand English. They prefer shopping in their regional language.

This Mobile App builder has a multilingual system to translate many of the most popular languages. Moreover, it offers additional labels, fields, and other translatable strings.

In addition, WooCommerce helps you provide any preferred language to your target audience. This feature is helpful to expand your business at an internal level.

Push Notifications

An application is not always switched on in a device. Due to this, your customers might miss out on some important messages.

This mobile app builder offers its users a push notification feature and allows them to visit your online store and stay updated. Here are some advantages of enabling push notifications:

Push notifications have a better click-through rate than other methods like emails.

-It helps to engage users at the right time and increases traffic instantly.

-It has a higher chance of bringing back people to your online store.

-Help notify customers about discounts, price drops, and offers.


WooCommerce is highly customizable and free of cost. In addition, it offers a broad range of features to improve your online business.

If you’re not able to spend thousands of dollars developing an app for your WooCommerce store, your best choice could be a WooCommerce app builder. This platform is scalable to support your business to grow.

That being said, Mobikul can help you build your WooCommerce app. Having mobile applications besides the website can help you achieve business goals.

In addition, mobile applications play a vital role in enhancing the customer experience. The above-mentioned features are considered as the top 5 features for the Woocommerce mobile app.

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