How to Develop a Mobile App like NAMSHI?

Updated 12 December 2023


In the technological era, humans are becoming lazy with the rise of internet facilities. We, as individuals, prefer to get hold of every facility possible by sitting with our phones.

In other words, we can say that online businesses, be it fashion, clothing, or food, are at the top of our wants and needs. This demand of ours has led to the development of mobile applications like Namshi.

If you consider an economy, the demand and supply for any commodity never stops.  It always increases or decreases with the current internal and external factors.

Therefore, in this blog, we will be discussing how to develop an online mobile application like Namshi.


Namshi is an online shopping mobile application. It provides an impressive list of products to its customers. With its consistent growth, Namshi is among the top-online shopping companies in West-Asia.

It is the middle-east online retailer in countries like Bahrain, UAE, Dubai.

This blog will overview the app and how to develop such online shopping mobile apps

Key features of an online shopping mobile application like Namshi

On Namshi, you can get hundreds of daily new arrivals in bags, fashion, footwear, and many more. So style is now at your fingertips.

Push Notifications- Namshi also sends notifications about new product arrival, exclusive offers to update you with all the latest trends.

Availability– You can enjoy new, trendy arrivals in footwear, clothing, accessories, and sportswear.

Sorting of Products– You will get multiple options to filter the products by price range, rating, and quality clothing.

Choosing– After sorting as per your choice, the app allows you to choose the product you need.

Add to wishlist– The freedom to choose any product and save it to shop in the future is allowed.

 Exchange options– Starting from the day of purchase, the customer gets a 14days free exchange policy.

Personalized Account– Managing and personalizing your account will be helpful for receiving further updates.

Sharing and Rewards– Socially sharing your selected item via Facebook or any social media is permitted. This allows the customer to gain reward points that you can use for any further purchases. 

RTL Support– Namshi app is written in Arabic language. It means that the alignment is from right to left. Mobikul therefore provides RTL support.

Media split on NAMSHI

The item’s availability every next day at your doorstep from the day of placing an order will directly motivate the customers to pay extra.

In addition, the consistent updates on the promo codes, the return policy, and their appropriate experience mark them unique.

What affects the cost of creating a Mobile E-Commerce app like Namshi?

If you are planning to build a mobile application for your business, the enlisted points below will help determine the cost to develop such an app. 

  1. Availability of shipping options
  1. Features of Mobile application
  1. Project volume and chances of scaling it in the future.
  1. Platform
  1. Dashboard Information
  1. Minimum Target User

All the above pointers, will help you to have an idea of what factors can affect the cost of creating an app. With a slight change in one, the cost can either decrease or increase.

What factors should the E-Commerce application developer consider while developing the application? 

Before starting the process, it is necessary to keep certain primary and secondary factors in mind.

Primary Factors

Firstly, the base of the process should be your capital (allocated budget). This investment will solely depend upon the business requirements, design or layout, in-built features that will raise your sales. 

Secondly, suppose you plan to generate a considerable sum of money. In that case, the expansion of the budget is a must so that the hired agency can design a multiple feature mobile application

Secondary Factors

These are quite a few in numbers, and are equally important in the development of any online shopping mobile application.

Security Payment Gateway: Be its banking transactions or e-Business, privacy, security, and safety are of utmost importance. The application must secure the confidentiality of business and the user’s information.

Investing your time and money are both essential for organizing a secure payment system.

App Design: Catchy presentation always captures the eyes. A user-friendly application will always gain more users than the one with a basic design. In addition, you will get a variety of templates and themes to select one.

There is a direct relationship between cost and requirements. With every new provision, the price rises and vice-versa. 

E-Commerce programming and functionality: Custom functionality requires unique programmed features with increased pricing.

This custom development will be expensive because any reputed firm will agree to develop thoroughly tested, trusted, and secured codes.

Note:- Adding e-commerce programming and functionality will add extra cost to build an online shopping app like Namshi. 

How Mobikul can help you to build a mobile application like Namshi?

We, at Mobikul, provide a customer-focused approach. In addition, we come up with high-tech solutions for e-commerce app development.

Here, you will get application configuration, integrated payment gateway, shipping methods, and layout alteration. 

Mobikul is a mobile app builder that provides you a better user experience. It provides all essential features and functionalities to engage customers over mobile platforms.

It has assisted tech industries like fashion and apparel, food and grocery, retail, social networking, education, and real estate.

Mobikul Features

Mobikul has certain features that make the work a lot easier in mobile applications.

Product view- It provides you with a user-friendly experience. This feature permits the customer to view the before and after product page without going back to the category menu.

With the ease of a finger, you can now avoid the hassle by swiping through different products.

Order Tracking– In Order Tracking, the customer will get a notification of their product status. You will also be notified of activities related to shipment, delivery, and invoice.

Thus, it engages the customer with the brand.

Wallet System– The app supports the wallet system from where the customer can make the online payment as per convenience and necessity.

Offline Mode– With the facility to revisit the app when the mobile is in offline mode, the customer gets an add-on benefit of visiting the app anywhere, anytime without any network glitches. 

Multiple payment gateway Support- Mobikul provides the facility to enable shoppers from worldwide to have access to your store. In addition, it can help you expand the customer base exponentially.

Mobikul offere fast, secure, and reliable real-time transaction processing.

Various shipping support- Better shipping experience is essential for your customers’ satisfaction. Mobikul can help you choose the best shipping carrier for your e-commerce needs.

In addition, it has several shipping services available that you can choose for your e-commerce store. 


From this blog, you have learned how to develop a mobile app. If you have decided to create a mobile application like Namshi for your business, then we are available 24×7.

You can contact our team to expand your horizons and achieve the desired result. For further help and query, you can reach out to us at Mobikul.

We can help and support you in every possible way to launch your online shopping app for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is required for mobile app development?

The first step in the mobile app development process is to outline a strategy/plan that properly defines the app’s objective.

Secondly, you can decide the platform on which it will be developed, like iOS for Apple and Android for Google.

The cost or the capital is vital as any design or programming would require a lot of investments. Mobile usage, preference, and MVP(Minimum Viable Product) therefore help in constant improvement and development.

Q. Which language is used to make apps?

Java is the most popular mobile app development language. But you can develop Android apps in many more languages other than Java. These languages involve- Kotlin, Dart, React Native, Swift, Flutter, Realm, etc.

Q. How do I make my own shopping app like Namshi?

You can create your own shopping app from Mobikul. Mobikul has ready solutions for business-centered technological e-commerce application development. 

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