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Integrating Offline Mode in your Mobile Apps

Internet connectivity should no more be a concern as Mobikul Mobile App Builder lets your customers access your products and services even in the Offline Mode.

Gone are the days when it was difficult for our customers to install and access our applications; especially due to poor or no internet connectivity.

With technological advancements, Mobikul Mobile App Builder has taken a step further to integrate the Offline Mode feature within the applications.

The Need of the Hour

As business entrepreneurs, we must focus on making our app extremely user friendly. This can only be taken care of after knowing our customer’s requirements and shopping mindsets.

Offline Mode is one such feature that is trending in the mobile application cosmos.

The prime reason is, if your customers are traveling in a remote area where there is poor or no internet connectivity, even then they can visit your app store and access your products.

The major feature that accompanies the Mobikul Mobile App’s Offline Mode feature, is that the pre-loaded pages will open up even when no internet is available.

In the backend, the app user can manage the data appearing in Offline mode. Thus, the app user can enable or disable the following fields to do so:


Beneficiary factors: of the Offline Mode

Offline Mode is the need of the hour and is one of the prime features of the Mobikul Mobile App Builder.

Hence, let your customers have an online app-like experience with the Offline Mode feature of the Mobikul Mobile App Builder and fathom the newness that this feature brings in to your application.

That’s all for Integrating Offline Mode in your Mobile Apps. If you still face any issue, feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better at

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