Resolve Customer Query via Contact Seller Feature in Marketplace Apps

Updated 20 January 2021



Often business owners Instead of simplifying the customer support process make it even more complex to contact the sellers, registered across your eCommerce marketplace platform. Eventually becoming the reason for unhappy departing customers. 

Merchants that answer customer queries quickly and effectively, always stand out and emerge as a great brand in a longer run. Enhancing your brand loyalty many-fold. 

To improvise your customer support and experience you need access to the right customer insights, but the major question is from where exactly one shall fetch such valuable customer info or data? 

In this article, we will explain all the necessary information you need to obtain about offering great customer service. Provide essential industry examples to explain how to better resolve customer query. Let’s get started.

Customer Query a Resource for Lead Conversion

What makes people buy from your online store only when there are thousands to millions of other stores present as well?

So any seller may be clueless of how to read the mind of your buyers or customers and what could have made them shop more frequent. And provide things accordingly on the store. We have simplified the process by offering a feature of contact seller. 

Yes, the answer is customer queries. What could be better than customer itself telling vendors about their product requirements and it could be related to anything like 

Thousands of customer problems as such can be solved on a daily basis. If you open up a channel of effective communication between sellers and your customers. 

Create a Direct Channel of Communication between Business & Customers

Fill the gap between sellers of your marketplace and the customers across the globe. So that the customers can fulfil their needs associated with products and purchase. Likewise, the sellers would also get a chance of delivering fine customer support and experience accordingly. 

Further, as we know the customers will be contacting the seller directly therefore there is also no loss of information about the customer requirements or query.

Sellers can register the points mentioned and resolve the query either by offering based on customer requirement or ensuring that the buyer is satisfied with the response of the vendors.


Introduce Contact Seller Feature in Marketplace Mobile Applications

Add on the simple yet the most effective contact seller tab/button in your marketplace mobile application. This feature will help the buyer and the seller communicate with each other. 

Where customers can ask questions related to store products or order status of a recent product purchase or something. Enabling the customers to resolve their query with the contact seller feature. 

Not to forget the customers won’t need any desktop or laptop to contact the seller and can ask queries on the go using the mobile application only.

Working of Contact Seller Feature

A customer can click on the Contact Seller button present below all the listed products of the store as shown in the image below.


Right after which a popup appears with a query form. Where the customer can enter his/her Name, Email Address, Subject and Query.


After filling in all the details the customer can click the Submit button as shown in the image below. Moreover, the customer can ask about anything using this.


Once, the customer fills and submit the contact seller form the email with the customer query and name is sent to the respective seller.



If you have any query or suggestion. Do let us know at [email protected].

Moreover, If you already have the account on the ticket system then please Sign In the system. Raise your requirements regarding the customization of this feature.

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