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How to share content and posts on social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Email & Google+.


Now these days its very common and popular to share content or post on social app like FacebookTwitterEmailGoogle+. I have some stuff that I have used to share content and posts on social apps. Add the following code in the ViewController.swift file in order to be able to post on FacebookTwitterEmailGoogle+ by tapping the relative buttons.


In this writing, I want explore how to use MFMailComposeViewController with Swift to send e-mails within your app as a walkthrough. My focus here is “quick and dirty” pragmatism, so that we can easily see what the inter-working components of MFMailComposeViewController are. That being said, here’s an important disclaimer – I’m going to overload the View Controller’s responsibilities in the examples to follow.




SLComposeViewController is part of the Social framework, provided by Apple. It presents to the users a view that enables them to edit a post that’s going to be shared on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. In order to share content, you’ll provide theSLComposeViewController with information such as URL and initial text. so we’re sharing our code in this blog post.





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