How to Build a Doctor Appointment Booking App

Updated 31 January 2024


In the technological era, humans are becoming lazy with the rise of internet facilities. We, as individuals, are seeking facilities through our phones and various apps.

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But, even when it comes to setting up doctor appointments, we want it to be done quickly. Hence, we will talk about developing a doctor appointment booking app.

What is a doctor appointment booking app?

The name itself suggests a brief idea, a doctor appointment booking app. Specifically, this app is time-saving and the easiest way to approach any doctor.

It won’t only make things convenient for patients but also for doctors to manage their schedules smartly.

Key features of doctor appointment booking app


There are various reasons to develop this app. The doctor appointment booking app is a win-win solution for clinics and patients.

Here are some core features that you can find in almost any doctor’s appointment app. However, some features are only appropriate for particular apps.

1- Friendly: You can easily access the app. It is already a self-guided app. With a single tap, you can reach your initial destination.

2- Verified: The doctors on the app are verified and trustworthy. You can virtually reach those doctors to whom you can reach physically.

3- Specialist: From the dentist to the heart expert doctor, you can find a specialist for yourself. They will guide you in the right direction of treatment.

4- Video Consulting: You can quickly consult the doctor through video call. They can examine you on calling itself and can suggest an effective treatment.

5- Chatting assistance: You are quickly provided with the feature of chatting. By this, you can get a brief idea about what facilities and services you will receive.

6- Set your doctor: Once you are satisfied with one doctor you can, you can add them to a favorite list and get back to them anytime.

7- Different payment methods: You can pay with a debit card, credit card, UPI, or net banking. The app provides all the facilities for paying your concerned doctor.

8- Offers and cashback: The apps provide a variety of offers and cashback rewards to loyal users.

9- Health documents: You can upload your health-related document on the app so that your doctor can stay updated with your health.

10- Profile creation: A user might be a patient or doctor both can create their profile on that and keep track of their treatment procedure and patients list respectively in a systematic tone.

11- Confidential: Your privacy is your right. All the problems related to your health are kept confidential and aren’t shared without your permission.

Who needs this doctor’s appointment app?


The apps are built considering the neglect towards health. Nobody wants to take out their time for fever, cough, and go to the doctors. Simply using this app, you can take health advice from doctors. 

1. Doctors – Now, doctors can render their services for distance. The doctors are the primary source for running the app. As a doctor, you can look out for as many patients as you want and build an impressive experience.

2. Health issuers – If you are having a health issue critical or standard, you need a doctor to your right, you can compromise with your health, having a doctor appointment booking app will make your life a little easier.

3. Fitness freak – Build up body doesn’t define your health fitness. You can confront the doctors for your other health issues or get to know through them how fit you are or what steps should be taken to prevent severe problems.

4. Women – Menopause, pregnancy, hormonal problem, breast cancer, etc. Women are constantly exposed to various health problems. This app can help them to figure out their issues before they become huge.

How can Mobikul help you in building the doctor appointment booking app?

We, at Mobikul, have been creating industry-centric apps for more than a decade. In addition, we have come up with high-tech solutions for app development.

We perform all the necessary activities to present your app on Android or iOS. 

As per the business niche, we configure and develop an app. Therefore, we understand the different approaches of business users and their segmentation.

Mobikul Features

The mobile comes with features that make work easier and simpler.

Supports Easy Booking: It offers its users an easy booking option through which they can book a slot anytime and from anywhere. This makes it very convenient for the users to book a doctor’s appointment at their fingertips.


Multi-Lingual Support: It can allow the Mobikul Mobile Apps to attain localization and personalization of the app. The app feature is vital and can help use this app globally.

Offline Mode: Mobikul provides one of the best features to its customer by providing offline functionality. The customer can easily visit this app even if they have no internet connectivity and it can be used in its offline mode as well.

Mobile App- Machine Learning: This will convert the mobile app into more responsive. Using the mobile app- machine learning, it is easy to detect the text and product using the ML Kit, a mobile SDK provided by Google.

machine learning

User Friendly Homepage: The application’s homepage is the initial page to communicate with the user. This is why our application’s site remains quite dynamic and user friendly.

userfriendly homepage

It is made to be very interactive and simple to understand. It also provides its users with a lot of features.

Simple Sign In/ Sign Up Process: The customer may easily enter the application from the sign-up option. Registered users may take use of the app to make it easy to book items.


You can input the data on your registration page, such as first name, last name, e-mail address, password and password confirmation.

Review Facility: There should be an option available on the app in order to review the services rendered by a particular professional to its customers.


This will make the app better and also help the users to put their inputs on the services they received.


Until now, you get to know what key things you should keep in mind for creating a doctor booking app. Then, if you plan to create a doctor booking app for expanding your business and idea, we are here to listen to your words.

You are free to contact us, and we will be happy to respond to you. Our team consists of experts and specialists with significant experience in the app-building technology industry.

You can reach Mobikul anytime to develop doctor Online Appointment Software/booking app. We will provide every efficient support from our end to bring your business to the app. 

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