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Mobikul Mobile App Supports Seller Customer Chat

Mobikul Mobile App Supports Seller Customer Chat: Seller Buyer Chat is a modern and highly useful feature that enables sellers and buyers to chat with each other. It’s a part of live chat.

This function is most important because the customer can address the seller with any query and can get the seller’s simple or immediate answers and vice versa. It creates an environment of hassle-free conversation between both the seller and the customer.

If you are using the Mobikul Marketplace Mobile App and want to explore this feature, assume that you can enable this feature and start chatting with the seller.


What is the use of Seller Buyer Chat?

The fastest and easiest way for customers to reach out to vendors is the live chat system. A vendor can manage and respond to customers with multiple queries at once. Using the chat system, vendors may provide each customer with a personalized experience.

The Seller Customer Chat has multiple uses, access online to log in quickly as well as sign up from the chat window. Customers and suppliers can also share files, images, and documents via chat messages.

This is important for both sellers and customers. It will allow buyers to ask questions about the seller’s products. The buyer can request a question from the seller and the seller’s answer can be seen under the buyer account menu item contact between buyer and seller.
This will be a step forward where buyers will be able to contact the sellers and each will be able to see at their ends their exchanged message history.

You can check for all supported marketplace gateways supported by Mobikul by clicking here.

That’s all for Vendor Locator. If you still face any issue, feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better at


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