Why Social Sign-On Option is Important for Odoo Mobile Apps

Updated 9 March 2022


Mobile apps are used widely as it offers ease and convenience to the users. There are several mobile applications to fulfill the different demands of the users.

Want to book a ride? Switch to Uber, Ola, and more… Want to order food? Command Zomato, Swiggy, etc. Looking for an all-purpose online store then switch to Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Hence, people have high dependencies on mobile apps to accomplish their day-to-day life tasks. The Statista Digital Market Outlook estimates that revenue across most mobile apps segments will increase over the next few years and overall will reach around 613 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

However, with the increased demand for mobile apps; there are ample mobile apps launched in the market. Hence, you need to offer the best of features in your Mobile App to make it rule in the market.

In the previous blog, we discussed Why Offline Support is Critical for Odoo Mobile App. In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of a feature in mobile apps to offer convenience to the users, that is a social sign-on option.

Sign-in is the first and very important step when anyone uses an app for the first time. Hence, it is mandatory to offer easy sign-in options as an inconvenience in the first step can lead to more exits even after downloading the app.

Research vice president of Gartner says that SSO is a core implementing identity and access management requirement for most organizations.

What is Social Sign-On?

Social Sign-on(SSO) is an authentication process that enables users to access multiple applications with single login credentials of social media sites. For Single Sign-on, it requires OAuth which is the industry-standard protocol for authorization and it allows making the procedure safer.

How Single Sign-on looks like to your customers?

Sometimes, you must have noticed when you sign in to any website or application, you come across buttons like the ‘Sign in with your Google account’ or ‘Sign in With Facebook’.

Social Sign-On Option

Benefits Of Social Sign-on (SSO) In A Mobile Application

When you run a business, you need to look for several factors to grow your business. Odoo is a perfect business management software suite; from manufacturing to selling products, from e-commerce to offline shops(POS).

“Just do it with Odoo!”

Indeed, Odoo presents you with the solution for most of your business problems, and for your ease, you can bring your Odoo to mobile devices. Surprised! Just have a look at our Odoo Mobile App and check out the abundance of features.

Social Sign-On Option in Your Odoo

Odoo has very strong backend management and every year it is enhancing its e-commerce. Let’s sum up some important features of Odoo and check the importance of the Social Sign-on Option in Odoo Mobile App.

From V15, Odoo offers Google Sign-In Authentication; hence, your users can sign in to Odoo with their Google account. The integration of the Google sign-in function requires configuration both on Google and on Odoo.

SSO Option in Odoo Mobile Apps

Webkul Understands the need for social sign-on options in a mobile app. Hence, we have developed Odoo Mobile App for iOS and Android to bring your Odoo to mobile apps without compromising the convenience offered to the customers. 

Social Sign-On Option in Odoo Mobile App allows your customers to directly login to your mobile store.

So, if you want to add a social sign-on option in Odoo Mobile App then you can reach us at [email protected] to enable the option; however, it is a paid service.

social sign-on option in Odoo Mobile App

Odoo Website SSO

Odoo Website Single-Sign-On(SSO) facilitates the Odoo users to access multiple Odoo websites and applications through login credentials authentication of only one website. 

The module helps to log in to multiple Odoo websites with the login credentials of the primary website which is SSO enabled. Odoo Website SSO makes the sign-on process fast as well as safer.
The Secondary Odoo website sends an authentication token to the primary website and once verified, immediately signs in the user.

Odoo Microsoft SSO

Odoo Microsoft SSO allows you to add the feature of single sign-on to your Odoo Website and configure it to your Microsoft Account. Hence, your customers can easily log in to your Odoo Websites with the credentials of the Microsoft Account. 

The Odoo website sends an authentication token to the Microsoft Account and once verified, the user can sign in immediately. It makes the sign-on process easy which increases the chance for people to visit your website. 

Odoo Magento SSO

Odoo Magento SSO allows your customers to log into multiple configured Odoo websites with the credentials of your Magento website. Single Sign-on facilitates you to manage a single login credential database. 

The Module Odoo Magento SSO considers Magento Website as the primary website and Odoo Websites as Secondary Websites. 

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