Why Offline Support is Critical for Odoo Mobile App

Updated 6 January 2023


You can carry a whole world in your pocket when you own a smartphone! 

As per a report by Google, 68% of smartphone users say they check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning.

The statistic shown above is enough to show the dependencies of smartphones in day to day life of people.

What makes a mobile phone smart? Yes, you got it rights applications on a mobile device makes it smart and act as a big reason for people to spend their time using their phones.

Offline Support in a Mobile Apps

The most looked-at feature in any mobile app is its offline support. Offline support in any app means that users can use the application even in offline mode/without internet connectivity.

Benefits of Offline Support in a Mobile Application

Several famous applications support offline features including famous names like Netflix, Spotify, Google Drive, Kindle, and much more.

When you run a business, you need to look for several factors to grow your business. Odoo is a perfect software to manage your business, as from manufacturing to selling products, from e-commerce to offline shops(POS).

“You can do the most with Odoo!”

Undoubtedly, Odoo offers you the solution for most of your business problems, and for your ease, you can bring your Odoo to your mobile device. Surprised! Just have a look at our Odoo Mobile Apps and check out plenty of features.

Importance of Offline Support in Odoo Mobile App

Offline Support in Odoo Mobile App

Odoo has very strong backend management and every year it is enhancing its e-commerce. Let’s sum up some important features of Odoo and check the importance of Offline Support for Odoo Mobile App.

Benefit of Offline Support for Warehouse Management

When you offer offline support in Odoo Mobile App then it helps the user to store the performed actions and then sync them later with Odoo ERP, after the restoration of connection.

Hence, users can flawlessly perform actions sequentially even when there is a connectivity issue. It saves the time of users and eventually benefits the company as a delay of a second can affect the business.

Offline Support in Odoo Mobile Apps facilitates you to save the data locally, perform other transactions and sync the data later with Odoo ERP.

Benefit of Offline Support in Odoo POS App

Your internet connectivity doesn’t decide the rush in your offline store. So, if there is some connectivity issue in your shop then also take orders without any hesitation.

The offline support feature allows the cashier to quickly process the orders, irrespective of network conditions. The pos orders can be easily synced to the Odoo ERP after the restoration of networks.

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