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Updated 29 September 2021


In this blog, we are going to talk about what is where clause in swift, and also we will look at different scenarios in which we can use this.

Where clause is mainly used for filtering the value. We can use this with where keyword in swift. We can use this keyword in loops, guard statments switch-cases. However, you can also use where keyword with Extension, Protocol & Generic.

Let’s look into the examples one by one:

with for loop

where clause with for loop

In the above program where clause is filtering out all the odd number ranged between 1 to 20. Due to which only even number are printing.

with switch case

with do-catch

where clause with do-catch

with Extension

where clause with Extension

In the above example we are using where clause with Array Extenstion. Hence the getEven() method will only work with Integer Array. And i you try to access this method will other Array then you will get an error message.

Referencing instance method ‘getEven()’ on ‘Array’ requires the types * and ‘Int’ be equivalent

with Generic

where clause with Generic

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