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How to Use Rich Push Notification in iOS using swift 3/4


Rich Push Notification

Push notification is very use full to provide  information regarding your app , some messages you can read without opening the app so that iOS 10 provide the image feature also so now you can add the image in push notification so you can make more attractive  push notification in app and provide the more information.

Here i have taken example of fire base push notification.

1: Setup your firebase push notification  in iOS app .

2: Now go  file – > new – > targets > and select “Notification Service Extension”


3: Give some name like “NotificationService” , then will create file and also it create its own info.plist file.

So Please open the info.plist file of “NotificationService” and allow the “Allow Arbitrary Loads” to “YES”


4: it will look like this:

5: Add Some Code in this to enable the rich push notification.


6: Here “attachment” is key that will take the image and add into your push notification.

7: Now its time to set the AppDelegate.swift file . your file will look like this:


8: Now run your app , and registered with firebase .

9: Here we have taken the example to send the push notification using post man.

You can take the detail reference :

Send Push Notification via Firebase by Postman


Here we have to make some changes for sending the rich push notification :

Please use this parameter :

Paste this part on your post man body section .

Now your request is ready to send the image notification in app

Note:  you can set the image url in “attachment” part that will show in your notification message.









. . .

Comments (5)

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  • Md Khabbab Hossain Tusher
    full code pleace
    • kunal prasad
      This is full code , you can check the firebase request & Application end coding also there….
  • Tusher
    InstanceID.instanceID().setAPNSToken(deviceToken as Data, type: )

    hi sir ,
    can you tell me what is prod it show me a error

    • kunal prasad
      Please check new SDK has removed this function so if you are using the updated SDK then first read all their method & delegate.
  • ali
    *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘com.firebase.core’, reason: ‘Default app has already been configured.’ comes up when running the app. Issue with the extensions I reckon.
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