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Send Push Notification via Firebase by Postman

Send Push Notification via Firebase by Postman

If you want to send push notification from your server using the firebase console, first you can check it is working or not in Postman. you have entered this Url (, then add the headers to it.

1 Content-Type application/json

2 Authorization key=your server key or legacy key. For more information check the screenshot


There two ways to send the push notification


1 Send to a single user. you have to add this content to the body.

2 Send to a firebase topic. you have to add this content to the body.


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  • Navdeep Agrawal
    It is working fine at my side but in some android devices we are not getting notification.
    please resolve my issues.
  • Pavan A Kumar
    sir , having problem with send via topic,says Invalid regeistration
    • bhavuk chawla
      recheck your Sender ID
      • Sanjay
        is it on app side or postman side(because in postman code there is no sender id). You can reply me on my gmail account.
  • Gopal
    Very useful tutorial
  • mani
    Thanks, you so much for saving my time
  • Farhan
    i have successfully send push notification with postman to single device thanks to you. To send to topic, do i have to store the data somewhere and tied it to the token?
  • farzan
    this is very help full thank to all developer who help each other
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