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Updated 27 April 2023


Tooltip explains the functionality of an icon or user interface action with the help of a text label and helps us to explain the features of an app in a better way. The tooltip in Flutter is very easy to use.

When a user moves or points over a particular widget, it shows additional information. As a result, it increases the accessibility of an application. The use case of the tooltip is when you have a lot of information to show on the screen but the UI of the application is too thick to show all data at once. In that case, you can just wrap your widgets with a tooltip and when you long press or hover over the widget, tooltip will show information about the widget. It makes the application more open.

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Properties of tooltip:

message ~> It is the text to display in the tooltip. It cannot be null if rich message is null.

child ~> child is the widget that needs to show tooltip.

height ~> This property specifies the height of tooltip. It takes a double value.

decoration ~> decoration property controls the background color and shape of the tooltip.

padding~> padding determines the space between the border and main content of the tooltip.

showDuration ~> showDuration determines the time in seconds for which the tooltip should be displayed.

textStyle ~> This property is used to take care of the styling of the message in the tooltip such as font size or color.

verticalOffset ~> This property is utilized to control the vertical distance between the tooltip and the widget.

waitDuration ~> Controls the time after which the tooltip will be made apparent once the user floats over the widget of presses it for over one second.


Create a new project and use some widgets to build a simple UI.

Now wrap your icon and text widgets with tooltip and add message.

Full code:



This is how we add tooltip in flutter. You can use more of its properties.

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