Implement Get storage in Flutter

Updated 20 December 2023


Get Storage in Flutter is a very fast, extra lightweight & synchronous key-value pair package that will help you to store app data in memory. It is written entirely in Dart and easily integrates with the Get framework of Flutter. Generally, in Flutter, we use Shared preference to store app data. It is an alternative to app-shared preference. 

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Feature of Get storage: 

GetStorage is not fast, it is absurdly fast for being memory-based.

All of its operations are instantaneous.

A backup of each operation is placed in a Container on the disk. Each container has its file.

We have multiple benefits of using Get Storage in Flutter. Now, let’s check how can we implement Get Storage in Flutter.

Step 1: Create a flutter project.

Step 2: Add dependency in your pubspec file.

Step 3: Initialize Get Storage.

To initialize get storage, we need to call GetStorage().init in the main function.

Step 4: How to use the Get storage package.

Create an Instance of the Storage object.

Read and write data using Get storage.

We write data in key-pair value using the write function and we read data using the read function with the help of key.

Get storage has multiple functions for multiple uses. Let’s check other functions.

Remove the data from get_storage object.

Listen to changes.

Stop listening to changes.

Erase your container

Get Storage Example:


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