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SlimyCard Animation in Flutter


SlimyCard Animation in Flutter is just an animation that can be applied to the widgets in order to separate them into two parts.

It is basically used to create a Slime Like Animation.

Properties of SlimyCard

color – This property helps in changing the color of the Slimy Card as per the requirement.

width It specifies the width of the Slimy Card.

topCardWidget It takes a custom widget that we display in Top Card.

topCardHeight It helps to set the height of the Top Card in Animation.

bottomCardWidget It takes a custom widget that we want to display after animating.

bottomCardHeight It helps to set the height of the Bottom Card in Animation.

slimeEnabled – This property is set to true by default.

borderRadius – It specifies the border-radius for slimy cards.

Steps to Integrate SlimyCard Animation in Flutter

Step -1 -> Firstly, add the slimy_card dependency in the pubspec.yaml file.

We can check the updated version of the dependency from here.

Step – 2 -> Run ‘flutter pub get‘ command.

After this, we are ready to begin with writting our code.

Code for SlimyCard Animation in Flutter

Here, is the code–




While running the app, you may face issue like : Cannot run with sound null safety

Don’t panic!!

Its just that currently, the dependency does not support null safety so just have to run the command on your terminal on root project 

We are good to go now.

Here’s the final output–


In this blog, we have discussed how to create an amazing animation just with the help of a dependency.

I hope it will help you out in understanding and getting a brief idea about it.

Thank you for reading!!


. . .

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