Liquid Swipe Animation Flutter

Updated 27 April 2023


Liquid Swipe Animation in Flutter is the animation that can provide liquidity while swiping up the pages in the app. So, here will be working on integrating the same into our app.

Majorly it is used on Onboarding Screens.

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Implementation of Liquid Swipe Animation

First of all, you will have to add the liquid_swipe dependency in pubspec.yaml file of our project.

In order to get the updated version of the dependency, you can check liquid_swipe.

After adding the dependency, you have to run the ‘pub get’ command.

To create the Liquid Swipe Animation in the app, we will have to create multiple pages/screens in order to make them swipe.

Here, the “pages” property will take the collection of screens inside it which refers to the List<Widget> and the “liquidController” property takes the object of  LiquidController.

It also has a property called “waveType” which is used to justify which type of wave you want for your app.

There are two types of WaveTypes:-

1.Liquid Reveal (WaveType.liquidReveal)

If we apply liquidReveal, it would look something like this as shown below.

2. Circular Reveal (WaveType.circularReveal)

If we apply circularReveal, it would look something like this as shown below.

There are some callbacks available in Liquid Swipe Animation as mentioned below –

  1. onPageChangeCallback –> This Callback can be used when we want to perform some action as the page changes.
  2. currentUpdateTypeCallback –> This Callback can be used when we want to perform different types of actions at different times when the animations UpdateType is changing.

There are few properties like disableUserGesture,ignoreUserGestureWhileAnimating to enable/disable user gestures.

You can also add the Slide Icon, in order to make it easier for a user to understand that after the current screen, there is another screen as well.

For adding this widget, there is a “slideIconWidget” property in Liquid Swipe.

In this, you can customize the icon you want to display as Slide Icon.

You can also set the ‘sideReveal’ property to true so that some part of the next page is visible to you on the front page.

Complete Code & Output

Here’s the final code below –

The output of the code is –


In this blog, we have read about the Liquid Swipe Animation Flutter.

I hope it will help you out in understanding and getting a brief idea about it.

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Thank you for reading!!


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