Introduction To React Native (Installation and Setup)

Updated 6 March 2021


This is my first blog for React Native Application. In this blog, I will explain about the setup up of React Native Application. I have facing many issues on the setup of React Native, at last, I have success about it. I have followed the facebook react native document for the set.

They provide us with 2 methods for creating the application. first one is Quickstart and second by React-Native. As the first install Node . I have assumed you have installed Node.

but I have face issue on Quickstart is cookies management is not working.

  1. Install React Native CLI

  2. Install JAVA.
  3.  Install Android Studio.
  4. Install Android SDK
  5. Configure ANDROID_HOME in the environment variable.
  6. Install watchman Guide
  7. Installing watchman on Ubuntu


Now create first React Native Application.

Now Run your first Application on your Device. First of all, we add “” file in the android folder structure of Application that has your SDK path. 

then use commands on your terminal.

Now you look its run on your device.

Some useful command which we aware

  1. the command for increasing size of the watchman-

  2. fix babel Issue

  3. ADB commands


All setups and configuration have done. So, we need to modify our App.js file for our Application. I will explain ReactNative Basic  Information in my next blog.




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