Razer Merchant Payment Gateway SDK Integration In Android

Updated 31 March 2021


Razer Merchant Payment Gateway SDK Integration In Android

In this blog, we will learn about “Razer Merchant Payment Gateway” SDK Integration in android. It will help the merchant to sell products online to reach out to the regionals customers.

Razer Merchant Services (RMS) collecting the payment from the customer and distribute it to the merchant. It will provide you online secure transactions with various payment channels (methods). If you want to manage multiple payment methods in a single payment Gateway, Razer Merchant Services is one of them.

RMS will provide you with multiple payment methods similarly – AmOnline, RazerPay, GrabPay, Boost, KFH Online, and many others. Currently, its mainly used in the South-East Asian market.


Razer merchant SDK

Payment flow overview:

Razer Merchant Payment Gateway SDK Integration is very simple, parsing some parameters from the Razer merchant dashboard. Like merchant_id, verify Key​, secret_key​ (private key), and some Payment details product_amount, order_id, currency, etc…

Customers will start the transaction process on the internet banking or any payment channel with transaction details. Then RMS will verify the transaction details and send transaction details to the bank. Meanwhile, Bank will process the transaction and return the transaction as a result to RMS, If the payment completed after that RMS will redirect the customers to the merchant application.

RMS Payment



We are showing an example of how to integrate this payment gateway in the Android app with the help of the source so you can understand it easily.

1. Initial Setup:-

Add SDK dependency in your build.gradle file-

2. Initialize Payment:-

Prepare the Payment details in HashMap-

Now, you can start Razer Merchant SDK using startActivityForResult-

3. Handling RMS Payment SDK Callback:

Handle the RMS SDK callback is very simple  as a result you will get payment status in onActivityResult as JSON string:

RMS Payment SDK Response details:

If the customer will complete online transactions through RMS, RMS will return as a result of transactions like:-

“status_code” – “00” for Success, “11” for Failed, “22” for Pending.
“amount” – Transaction amount
“paydate” – Transaction date
“order_id” – Transaction order id
“channel” – Transaction channel name
“txn_ID” – Transaction id


In conclusion, we have learned about “Razer Merchant Services” and Razer Merchant Payment Gateway SDK Integration In Android.

To learn more about Razer Merchant Services, please check the following link: Razer Merchant Services

I hope, this blog will be helpful to you.

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